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Today my analysis is on legendary film star late Sanjeev Kumar’s horoscope. Sanjeev Kumar was such a versatile actor who worked in different genres ranging from comedy, romance, drama and thrillers. His lagna was Capricorn with Jupiter in it. Even if Jupiter is debilitated its debilitation is cancelled by 10th house mars and moon.


He had Saturn in the 3rd house. Saturn is both lagna lord and 2nd lord. Hence mostly his life, personality and wealth was connected to communication. 5th house has Venus and Ketu. Venus in 5th house rightly placed in the Arudha Lagna was perfect for successful entertainer. He was the most successful actor of his time. This Venus is also in its own house. He played roles of old men with ease while he always took up roles that were tough to perform and he performed with ease. He did not become a superstar but as an actor he was best among his peers and senior actors.

6th house has 6th lord mercury and 8th lord Sun creating a Vipreet Raj Yog in the 6th house. He was never dearth of work and he was always the best competitor among his peers because he had full of versatility and could take up difficult roles. 7th house has moon which happened to be the 7th lord.  

4th lord and 11th lord Mars is placed in the 10th house gave him a successful career and gain from career. Rahu in the 11th house is said to be the best placement for Rahu. 

His career started in Ketu dasha as ketu is placed with Venus in his natal chart. After Ketu Dasha the entire period of Venus mahadasha was very fruitful for him. He acted in over 140 films in his short career. He was never married and his death was untimely.

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