SBI (State Bank of India) share price discussion

PSU banks have not been performing well since many years, SBI – Sate bank of India is the number 1 PSU bank stock trading in half of the value it was 52 week’s back. So, as Bank of Baroda and PNB. Most PSU Banks are trading in their decade low price because of huge NPAs, bad loans and bad policies of government which means PSU bank management is inefficient.


What to do if you are still holding SBIN share?

Those who are holding SBIN share from It’s high of Rs 350 or in 300 range should not sell rather hold for long term.
Those who want to make fresh buy should know following things,
1.SBI showed profit during this quarter
2.There was a decision pending from SC – Supreme court on loan interest waiver for PSU banks where supreme court said loan interest can not be waived off that means it a good sign for SBI.
3.SBI approves plan to raise SBI approves plan to raise $1.5 billion in FY21 which is eventually approved by the board.
4.It looks like Indian’s number 1 bank is doing its best to claim its lost glory.

On the downside PSU banks have been performed bad in last couple of years due to many reasons and investors have not made any profit from PSU banks, so it has to be taken note, Huge NPAs are a concern. Big loans were extended to bigshots like Vijay Mallay, Nirav modi and many others and the loan amount is not yet recovere

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