Scam call in the name of Reliance Jio

 Guys PLZ NOTE .. anyone receiving calls from these numbers 7859814138 **7859814595 these 2 number have been used by fraudster. My friend is one of the victims by these ppl. They corned her. They are getting numbers from database. They call ppl by saying we are calling frm Reliance Jio. Therefore ur number have been selected in a lucky draw. U will receive a Samsung galaxy 7 prime as a prize winner and will receive it at u concerned post office in COD form. After a week's time there will be a confirmation call. Further the postman delivers some crap things. Empty phone box with a lakshmi idol in it worth 50 rs. By the time u realise u have been cheated for rs 3500/-. 


Can anyone in Delhi who is in Cyber crime or in the police department take action against these criminals. My friend has a autocall recorded proof from these numbers. Will someone stop these scoundrel

By : Admin| Company Name : Reliance Jio| Title : Mobile Handsets|Date : August 29,2017

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