Secret tales of an unsatisfied housewife

Recently I found a lady on a dating site, we had our chit chat and then we got comfortable with each other and the we started socializing on a social media site. At first I knew that she is looking either for a boyfriend or a husband but later when I knew her little more, she revealed her secret saying she is a married woman in her late 20s and her marriage is not very well consummated.

What does that mean actually? When I probed more, I found that her husband has a small tool and he suffers from erectile dysfunction. She told that her husband’s penis size is not more than 3 inch.

Later she revealed that she does sex once in a month and then at another occasion she told she has not had any physical thing with her husband from last 5 years. All that was strange, she is a housewife and they had an arranged marriage. They don’t have a child yet for obvious reasons. When I probed more she revealed she occasionally indulges with his husband’s friend. 

The reason she is into a sexless marriage is because she is not a working woman, so she is a dependent housewife who lives on her husband’s income. She lives in a big city in India. Her husband is undergoing treatment which is not yet successful. 

This real story of a physically unsatisfied housewife really indicates how people live a repressed life due to sexless marriages. Infidelity that happened due to her sexless life is sinful or not only God can answer? She is still staying in such a marriage as she has no option. It was not yet clear if she loves her husband or not?

These complex cases trigger many questions on destiny, morality, a woman’s chastity and a man’s inability. What is right and what is wrong varies with how we look into it. 


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