Secrets about love and love-making

Secrets about love and love-making have been unfolded here. Love is caused by a hormone while love-making too is caused by Hormone. I am talking about a very plain explanation about biological chemistry between men and women. The world of love and intimacy draws lovers towards forming relationship and physical contacts.  For some physical contacts break the bond of love while at other end physical contact strengthen love to its core. Our world is no less than a mystery. We humans are no less than mystery. Why I said mystery because the truth of monkeys who transformed into humans after hundreds or thousands of years is in itself a greatest mystery. If that was true then why monkeys still exists. In a mysterious world of love existence will never be possible without love making. Right!

A study conducted by researchers unfolded few more mysteries and these are as follows,

1.   I love you before love-making may strengthen the bond of love while I love you after love-making may ruin a relationship. Does that mean I love you; a very common sentence every lover utters a thousand times perhaps can make or mar the prospect of a relationship and its longevity.

2.  Likewise as per a similar study a relationship where physical intimacy occurs from a very beginning may mar the prospect of its longevity. Most of the time such relationships become meaningless. Hence relationship where physical intimacy happens after deeper understanding, love and emotional intimacy may last longer.


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