Self-help and money

Self-help is impossible without faith.  Successes are the result of  our  beliefs.  All  the  information we communicate to our subconscious through the channel of faith eventually takes us closer to success, and success comes true. Happiness and sadness, victory and defeat, light and dark emanate from the mind. Our faith in a happy life unfolds happiness before us and our faith in the power to manifest money eventually makes us rich. Our beliefs create subconscious impressions in the mind and control our behavior and actions. Some common limiting beliefs about money
Money can only make money. I am not born rich, so it’s not easy to be rich.
The poor knows the value of every penny earned through hardship. Anything that is manifested through hardship has an emotional side to its earner; our human natures are such that we love, praise and even worship what seems distant from our dreams. We yearn for what seems difficult to achieve, due to which we do not appreciate what we have within us and desire to be what the world around us has, there is less value for what easily available and lust for what seems glamorous.
A person who grew up in riches without having the slightest want that money cannot fulfill may not realize the misery and sorrow that the poor feels every time during his struggle to meet the basic needs of life. For a philosopher money is nothing but the dead things which create different socio-economic classes in the world.  In our socio-economical setup, we all have an undying desire to become rich in money, which can buy all material happiness. There is no bad in holding onto this money philosophy as long as we are not corrupt from heart.
It’s often being heard from parents of low or moderate income status discouraging their young about the evil effects of thinking of becoming rich. Sometimes those parents might have also heard the same from their parents or guardians. We all are different from each other as we are born to parents of different mindsets, and we rise up in different socio- economic backgrounds. Those who grew up through constraints and limitations due to lack of monetary resources during the early age of life when they were dependents to their elders are either have strong lust for monetary progress and financial freedom or have a kind of  failure thought pattern, which prevents them from thinking or manifesting money. Freedom is money to a great extent as long as a person can manifest this freedom through his righteous work.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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