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Do we know why people help strangers whom they do not know? There are indeed many big-hearted people who identify them as an integral part of the world and by identifying as a part of the vast universe they identify them as related to others who are not related to them in any way. The strength of their compassion makes them
work for the enrichment of humanity. Sometimes their own circumstances make them feel empathetic toward others while some rare individuals born with the disposition of all the good human qualities. Even those who believe in past life may know how some of the elements of noble human nature manifest strangely and strongly in them. It is an amazing experience when we willfully or accidentally get glided toward the path of spirituality.

What we call metaphysical experience may manifest suddenly or through years of spiritual contemplation. It is important to understand and implement the self-help ideologies. There are indeed no self-help thoughts that are not turned into reality. All we need to is to experience the beauty of its art and science. Good efforts never go in vain. Good deeds enlighten the dark ignorant areas of human existence. Most of the ideologists who adhere to their good ideologies never give up their principles, values even in worse circumstances. We see how the society is inequitable in many ways. We take notice of how some people are privileged throughout their lifetime while some struggle through the hardship of life while some live under abject misery and compelling circumstances of life. We call it destiny when our hardship or misery is hard on us while we call luck when things or events in life move with an amicable speed. Our blame games sometimes never
finish while sometimes we accept our own flaws and follies. We then notice that we feel the experience of an inner beauty as we accept life as it hits upon us. Only the faith upon god makes us spiritual and takes us away from all misery and sorrow of life.

Our belief about destiny is so deep that we leave everything to destiny to a great extent though destiny plays an important role, we do have to realize that we should not stop struggling for all that can enrich our lives. Self-help comes into being when we realize the enormous power of the self. Destiny fixes circumstances for us and its true but it is also true that we should no blame on destiny for our failures as it will be unfair. If choices can chart the direction of our destiny we should not wait for the flowers of destiny to bear fruits. One should without a single thought keep on working toward worthier goals without thinking about the results. By manifesting a good karma or virtuous deeds we are bound to get the fruits of our karma. Seers say we either get the result of our karma in the present birth or in the births to come.
It is the sense of belonging or the sense of help which connects us to the rest of the world through different mediums, connections or relations. Say for example if you share a wonderful information twith the world and if a section of the people gets benefited your purpose of sharing manifests a good karma. When a bunch of people united around a single cause or thought of transforming education in govt schools in India they named their objective as “Eklavya”. Eklayva was an educational program designed by some likeminded people who wanted to bring revolution in the field of traditional govt education imparted in schools. Last 20 years of their work have been like a revolution, Eklavya has been almost like an epic in the field of education.

If you go back to the epic of Mahabharata, Eklayva was that warrior who was denied of formal training of archery by the master “Drona” as he was not from the royal caste. Then he without being resentful wanted to learn the  art himself. He placed an idol of Guru Drona and practiced the art of war considering the idol of Drona as the real Guru. He then became the master archer in a short period, as he displayed his war skills to the Guru and his royal disciples everyone including the Guru was surprised. The element of surprise was justifiable as the one who did not get any formal training from the Guru could become the top archer with the help of self-help. Eklayva gave all the credit to his Guru who denied giving him training. Though he got no apparent training from the Guru Drona, he always considered the idol of Guru as the real Guru Drona and the rest was his will-power, and the power of self-help that taught him all the skills of the war. It was almost an epic. Those who are strangers to MAHABHARAT may consider it as a mythological story of self-help. I always believe that a man who knows how to help himself knows his true self. No help is like selfhelp. Those who know the art of self-help realizes that they should help others so that their fellow beings can help themselves. All the self-help warriors that are born through pain, misery or sorrow often live for the goals of
bringing social changes, justice in the society, and transformation into our thoughts, happiness in the world. Most of them turn into martyrs and some find fame while the others disappear in oblivion. None of these great thinkers
worry about themselves as their noble objective of bringing happiness to the world is what makes them alive.

This entry was posted on July 10, 2010 at 6:04 pm, written and published by me on .Our day to day clatters and clamors of life amounting to mental anguish are the products of the mind, our grief; sorrow, pain, pleasure and happiness are the result of our interaction with the mind. The result of self-talks filled with negatives deplete all the energy from within while affirmative words of courage and confidence take us one step higher than the present conditions.
Every event of pain and pleasure is conditional and also transient. Yogic paths are clear from the spines of sorrow as they know how to separate the spines of pain and suffering from their path towards ultimate truth and peace. In a world where material success is overemphasized as a yardstick of one’s success may hound you to catch up the speed with your peers and competitors but do we actually know what is our true calling. The inability to find your true calling is the reason of anguish, confusion and eventually sorrow. Know your path, know your God and also know your devil. By knowing the path of good and detaching the devil from our existence we realize the power of God. Secrets of the true success is within the infinite sea of cosmic light which is omnipresent, present eternally inside us and we can also witness it outside of our existence. Those who live blissfully detach them from people and things which are impediment to their soulgrowth. It is always advisable to be equally strong in Matter and sprit as the balance between them
let us live with more fulfillment. We should be driven by our own inner God, as long as we know what is wrong and how to stay away from the wrongs of our existence and every process of removal of our sins is like a approach toward God. We witness the shine and the light of divine when we stays away from all acts of lust that harms others and the impurity of thought which degrades the soul further and the impurity of action which further pushes us from our inner God. Ego is a definite barrier as it gives more importance to our worldly existence and less to our spiritual
existence. Persistent good thoughts are the only way toward GOD-Realization.

This entry was posted on September 7, 2010 at 5:46 am, written and published by me on We live in a world that sucks for some while it is the highest heaven for some. It is sometimes a  world of chaos where we are dominated by some while we intentionally or unintentionally dominate others. Our existence is transient that we know but we still live as if death will never touch our life immortal. Most of the time lust of money and power means everything to us while a time perhaps comes in everyone’s life when he realizes that there is more to achieve other than all our worldly ambitions. We know what can probably make and break our dreams and we know what can bring tears of hopelessness and the tears of success and happiness to life. We still stand still to fight our sorrow while sometimes we become so full of heart that we go ahead to wipe away the sorrow of others. Some are related while most are not related then why we sometimes still feel concerned with their pain and pleasure. It is our humanity which rules over us and even it rules over our selfish motives. We know what is correct and what is incorrect, we have a sense of morality and immorality and we know what keeps us stand tall among our fellow beings and what keeps us apart and we know what really keeps us close to God and what keeps us apart from our inner God. If we know everything what keeps us apart from humanity and its little causes and what keeps us close to cruelty. If we are God of our own inner things then what keeps us away from our cosmic consciousness.
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Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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