Self-help prophecy

Through the evolutionary process and through ages and generations we are on the path of progress , what we witness as progress is basically the dead things that make us special while alive and the stories of our advancement and progress remain in the history books, texts,literature and talk-tales in our eternal absence . Why i am saying this ? Just imagine. you suppose invent something original and then it goes on to become a craze or a crazy need for witness magnificant glory as long as you live in this world as people will call you an inventive genius who produced so much good for the world. As long as you are in this earth you may also be subject to jealousy and sometimes hatred though you know that you have done everything good to the world. As you finish off the time destiny has fixed for you all the major contributory events of your life get recorded in history as we know good deeds are always remembered. This is all about the rise and rise of extraordinary people who live to leave something great for the world and whose absence becomes a great loss to humankind. Everyone perhaps aspire and wish to become a superhero with an eventful life while only a handful people can fulfill such high aims and super hopes while most of the people just remain ordinary. Some people get attracted to fame quickly than others as if fame gets attracted toward them while some become infamous knowing or unknowingly. In general we think that those who have contributed largely to society, mankind or the world as a whole should get all the applaud while those who have never ever able to contribute in a noticeable way are just ordinary.

This is agenerally acceptable thought process of the world, but i believe that the reverse is true as we go deeper into our thinking domain of the mind we may come to a conclusion that every living and non-living thing of the world contribute toward the rise or the fall of the world where they live, everyone contribute. A genius who gave so much good things to the world is indeed someone who is nurtured, taught, supported by many. If his inner ingenuity got manifested it is only due to the contribution of many others who directly and indirectly helped him. so who is a genius ? the one who manifested his talents or the ones who helped him manifest his inner ingenuity. I think even the poorest of the poor may not contribute as the richest of the rich while the richest of the rich may not contribute what the poorest of the poor can contribute toward the progress of humanity. The richest of the rich may contribute twoard the material progress of the world while the poor with little to do with the material progress may be contributing hugly toward spiritual progress. for instance we have more than 50 crore people who live in abject poverty but out of them majority of people are more risilent, hopeful with life, god-centric,spiritual and how they contribute to the world progress do you know ? They may say what if we are poor we are still rich from heart we may die of hunger but we will never steal anything from anyone.

Self-help prophecy

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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