Sex Robots to prevent human Trafficking and HIV by 2050

Problem of human trafficking and sexually transmitted diseases are a concern of the world. People who run this business are real evil of the world. How many brothels are there in the world? How many of these brothels do a clean and diseases free business? Very difficult to say.

There are certain vices which are legalized at some part of the world while even if it’s not legalized in other parts of the world these vices are being practiced in a larger scale. I am talking about prostitution which as per so many of you may be a vice, had it not a vice human trafficking and STDs were not on a rise.

Amsterdam, the gateway to Europe is also a city of exclusive brothels an d out of which Yab Yum was the most exclusive brothels in Amsterdam. It especially serves the visitors and the businessmen. Typically charges 70 euro for a drink and 300 for sex.

Futurologist Ian Yeoman and sexologist Michelle Mars at the University of Wellington prepared a roadmap for futuristic brothels where sex Robots will serve the purpose of humans, their objective is to make the sex industry crime free as well as guilt-free.

Their futuristic brothels will be called “Yub Yum” with its robotic blondes and Brunettes which will replace the human sex workers, thse robots will be of all sizes, color and ethnicity, entry will cost 10000 dollar for an all-inclusive service, Services will typically be massages, sexual intercourse, lap dancing etc.

This futuristic plan will become reality by 2050. Ian and Mars are working towards this idea taking into account the growing impact of human trafficking by 2040 as well as the growing issue of STIs particularly HIV.

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