Sex Tape Movie Review

Movie: Sex Tape

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Jason segel, Rob Corddry, Rob Lowe

Director: Jake Kasdan

Sex Tape, the name itself grabs attention. Rightly it narrates about the naughty love tale of married couples, Cameron and Jason. As the movie belongs a sex comedy genre things are woven to ignite fun as well as a feel of porn-com.

Both the couples are in their middle age and they plan out something naughty to after 10 years of their marriage to ignite the same fire and passion during the early years of their marriage. They try to shoot their private sex videos in various sexual positions and while deleting the video segel accidently synchronizes it in his I-PAD cloud, now they realize that the video may go public. They try the hell out to protect their private moments to go public.

In their effort to do so in the process they realize how valuable is their private moments, sanctity of their sexual union and how important it is to protect the honor.

There are moments of joy, laughter from the occasional jokes but the script lacked in content to be frank. If you watch this movie you may realize that how things in-between keep you boring. Due to the lack in script this movie may be called as an one-time watch but may not be labeled as a sexual comedy that should be remembered for years to come.  

Review By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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