Sexuality of Venusian charm with Martian energy

Gone are the days when men would think more about sex while women would not. As women come out of their homes to become working women, work places are now full of Venusian charm with Martian energy, as they become independent with financial freedom; they turn out to be bold in the matter of expressing themselves. Expressing feeling and emotions or desires are not only for men but for women too. When it comes to women and their views over sex you may get startled to know that they desire more than men.

Physical desires are what we call the most basic desires of us. There is no denying of the fact that we all are as much sexual humans as emotional humans. An evolved human can only understand why sex is an important aspect of human existence and not just a physical expression. Most likely an inexperienced person who gets into it for the first time takes it as an act of pure physical pleasure. As the days progress the inner desire for more and more of it goes up. When a partner is available then there is no stopping. In an ultra-modern world we need everything so fast just at a click of a finger. Even a partner can be easily available. In a fast moving world of fun it is not difficult to get a partner for sex but a mere act of sex may only burn some calorie but a wrong partner with whom you may choose to sleep may ruin your life and fill you with guilt afterwards.

Believe in one thing that there is a purpose for everything that GOD has created. If the pleasurable act of sex is there for every living being, its energy should not be misused just for pleasure. There is a deeper purpose of sex. Only those who rightfully engage in a purposeful relation can understand how important it is for them to engage in physical form of love. Love is not complete without sex but sex too is not complete without love. Everyoneshould understand this. A less evolved person may think of sex as just sense gratification and nothing beyond that but a person of substance or some spiritual value should realize that there is a deeper purpose.  You soon realize that the act of sex helps you build a strong relationship with your partner; as long as you build a strong bonding with your partner, your relationship is strongly in your safe hands.

Women are more emotional comparing men, there are exceptions too. If you want to win your Miss. Right’s heart you should know the art of love, love making comes later on. Physical expressions of love may not be so necessary initially rather your lovable communication with your partner is important. Communication is like the engine that moves your relationship further. Forget about those 850 calories you may burn after 30 mins of love making. Forget about the hormone oxytocin which may fill you with positive feeling and bring radiance after you have sex. Remember that love carries primary importance while sex is just an add-on or of secondary importance. If you concentrate more on the secondary part of love you may not realize the importance of the primary part of it.

Choose a right partner who can hold your hand take you to a deeper level in relationship. Choose a partner whose love for you grows with your every smile. Lean on your partner who knows the value of commitment, faith and a life-time bonding. A loyal and trustworthy partner can make your life easy and smooth. Love demands time so know that art of time management. Love demands sacrifice, so why not sacrifice your ego and prepare yourself for a pure egoless union. If you love someone plan your future with him/her, a marriage cannot be possible without planning. Ultimately the purpose of love should give the lovers pure bliss.


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