Shah Rukh Khan opened up on her daughter’s bikini photo that went viral

Shah Rukh like any other caring father gave his interview about how bad he felt due to her daughter’s bikini photo that went viral; this news is one headlines of every newspaper. Is not it a shame that social media or TV media has gone mad behind painting some trivial thing into something horrendous issue?

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan was on a beach, she wore a bikini and with her little brother Abram. She is 16 and she will not feel comfortable getting onto the headlines for a silly reason. Is it a crime to wear bikini on a beach?


For those voyeurs taking and publishing a 16 year girl’s bikini pictures is not a crime but wearing bikini on a beach has become a national headline.


Every father gets protective towards their children and tries to save them from odds and this is for the right reason that he got protective and spoke his mind about the issue.

He said that he is not saving her from the media glare but from himself. Shah Rukh’s stardom is such big that just to sell news related to him newsmongers and their publishers will go any extent to pick something cheap.



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