Shah Rukh Khan's Horoscope Analysis

Shah Rukh Khan's Horoscope Analysis

DOB : 2 nd Nov-1965

Time of Birth : 2:30 am

Place of Birth : Delhi

His Lagna is Leo and People with Leo Ascendant crave for fame, as Leo is the 5th house of the Zodiac people born in this ascendant are charming, Romantic, Famous. It best suits acting and any profession connected to art, drama, stage, film, glamour industry etc.

His Lagna lord sun is debilitated in the 3rd house which means he is prone to health issues but as there is nicha Bhanga of the Lagna Lord the effects are reduced and it wont give bad effects of Sun as such but I believe the affliction of a planet by its debilitation cannot be overruled completely.

His 2nd house mercury is in the 4th house of conveyance, domestic comfort, land, building etc, Though mercury is not exalted or in own sign and it is afflicted by the placement of ketu and Mars still mercury the lord of self-possession and earning from self-effort helped him a lot, Note that mercury is in Kendra and it is with Mars (fire, impetus, a leader, drive), Mars is also in its own house scorpio. Here again Ketu is the co-lord of scorpio and ketu is like mars as its said kujabat ketu, ketu in scorpio unfolds all mystery and magic. It spreads spell and even great fame, Masses may wonder how come a common man has been ruling the film industry from a decade or more.


Venus is in 5th house speaks about a person who is deeply sensitive and romantic by heart. Venus is a yogakaraka for Leo Lagna being the lord of 9th house. Venus is also the lord of the 3rd house of writing and communication; hence he is an elegant speaker and superb communicator. 5th house as it tells about glamor, creativity, his fortune rose in film industry. Saturn is placed in 7th house having being the lord of 6th and 7th house. Saturn in 7th house usually delays marriage while in his case as Saturn is placed in his own house being the lord of 7th house did not cause any such issues.

Rahu in 10th house bestows great professional success and ensures great rise in life. This comes true in his case. Jupiter in 11th house in his natal chart gives him gain in the form of fame, success, wealth and overall prosperity.

Arudha Lagna of Shah Rukh Khan

His Arudha falls in Sagittarius and venus is placed in there approves great wealth and fame. Arudha Lagna and Lagna are trine from each other signifies a rajyoga. Lord of the arudha is in 11th house and Jupiter being the lord of arudha fortifies the Arudha Lagna. 2nd from Arudha has moon which says he is made to have kingly status. 3rd from arudha has Saturn in its own house which means a malefic like Saturn of mars placed in 3rd or 6th from Arudha makes a person bold like a warrior. 6th from Arudha has Rahu which gives great result in terms of material gain and ensures great prosperity along with that valour. 7th from ARUDHA has Jupiter gives rise to big Rajyoga. Any benefic planet 7th from Arudha gives rise to great Rajyoga.

11TH AND 12TH From Arudha Lagna

Sun is 11th from arudha which may mean may gain from Govt, all professions that Sun Signifies while 12th from Arudha has mercury and mars and ketu. Which means there will be huge expenses due to trade, business as mercury signifies, from manufacturing and other things that Mars signifies and expense due to activities or businesses of ketu.

Arudha Of the 7th house or Darapada of Shah Rukh Khan

Darapada signifies business partner as well love partners or sexual partner. Aries is Darapada and Arudha are trine from each other this means he will be successful in business matters and partners in general.

Arudha Of the 12th house or Darapada of Shah Rukh Khan

Darapada signifies about a person's married partner, her family status and the relationship between husband and wife. Here in his case Gemini is his Darapada. From Arudha Lagna Darapada is 7th and this signifies harmonious relation between husband wife, and as Jupiter is placed in darapada it tells about the bride comes from a well-off family. Venus opposes darapada which may signify that might be the marriage was opposed by his mother-in-law initially.

Horoscope Analysis By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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