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This astrology blog is to analyze what planetary configuration made Shahrukh Khan the richest actor in Bollywood.

He was born:      November 2, 1965, 2:30 AM in New Delhi (India).

I have here delineated two horoscopes based on sidereal (Vedic method) and tropical two verify which method explains the best on his money potentials.

Sidereal birth chart of Shahrukh Khan

In sidereal birth chart or horoscope his ascendant or Lagna is Leo, a fiery sign. Leo as Lagna explains everything kingly. Being the 5th house of Zodiac it also explains about people of Leo Lagna to be very romantic, proud, and lively, brave.

His Arudha Lagna is Sagittarius, a sign of expansion. It has Venus in it and has a Rashi aspect of Jupiter, it lord. It tells about how people perceive him as a mega star from more than a decade and half. Due to this planetary configuration he easily got into limelight even though he had almost nothing when he tried his luck in Hindi film industry.

His lagna lord is debilitated in Libra and in the 3rd house of performing art, communication, and valor. How a debilitated sun could gave all that aura, magnetism, fame, power. Sun is the main significator of fame and shahrukh Khan’s wealth and prosperity are due to his showmanship which demands a significant ability in communicating and connecting to masses.

4th house is very strong with mars and ketu especially. Mars is 4th lord and 9th lord. Due to which I may say he has many movable properties (I meant luxurious cars).

10th house has Rahu and is exalted in Taurus. 10th house Rahu makes a person very deft in achieving career success, indeed the individual rises dramatically in his profession. Rahu is a shadow planet and its strength is very necessary for success and achievement as well as fame in film industry.

Venus is in 5th house gave a career interest in film industry while 7th house Saturn made him very strong in having a mature and disciplined business sense. Saturn makes one very careful when it comes to money.

11TH from Arudha Lagna has a debilitated sun while 12th from  Arudha Lagna has Mercury, ketu and Mars. So many planets in 12th from AL give enormous gains as well as enormous expenses. What I observed Shahrukh’s main sources of income are from

1.      As an actor in films and Television

2.      Producer ( red chilies entertainment)

3.      Endorser of various brands

4.      Performer in high-profile weddings, shows and also from appearance

5.      IPL team owner ( Kolkata Knight Rider )


Shahrukh’s network from the above mentioned skill set is 300 million dollar as per the web.



Now I see the only planet that is giving him wealth is Venus as a main source of income even if it is in Sagittarius.  Hora Lagna has Jupiter and 7th lord from Hora Lagna has Jupiter. Jupiter the 7th lordf from HL has a Rashi aspect to the venus in AL. That tells his success in entertainment, endorsement, showmanship as well as in investment.


Analysis from Vedic tropical Chart


As per tropical vedic chart virgo is the Lagna. 3rd house has mercury and sun in scorpio. Ketu, venus and Mars are placed in 4th house Sagittarius. Jupiter in 11th house of gain and is placed in Cancer. Hora Lagna is Cancer. From Arudha Lagna Mars, venus and ketu are in 12th house while sun and mercury are in 11th house from Arudha Lagna. 11th lords from AL is mars and ketu and are connected to venus in 12th from AL.


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 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi





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