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Shammi Kapoor was an Indian Film actor and director. He was the brother of Raj Kapoor, a legend of Hindi Cinema. Shammi Kapoor was a prominent star during 1950 -1970, He debuted in 1953. He died at age 79.

As this article is about his horoscope analysis, I will touch upon what made him such a great star.

He was born in Gemini Ascd with Jupiter in 2nd house. So, a creative or an artist was born. Jupiter in 2nd house itself tells that he was born in a rich family having name and fame in the world.

As the birth time is very accurate, I see the most striking thing about him is about the placement of Sun, Mercury and Venus in 5th house. Without a strong 5th house one cannot become an actor. I find Venus and mercury prominently placed together in artistic signs and houses in horoscopes of prominent actors.

Lagna lord in 5th house tells about his interest in creative or performance art like cinema and role play.


5th lord Venus with Lagna lord mercury forms a great yoga to become a successful actor.

10th house has rahu tells about popularity.

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