Sharon stone

Sharon stone, a huge Hollywood celebrity confessed that in the first part of her career she was not considered as sexy. Due to this reason she had a stint of struggle in the industry. She candidly confessed that it might be due to her dressing sense: she would wear long black dresses, big glasses. The basic instinct star may be very candid about it but the entire world knows how sexy she is with her basic instinct image.


She also confessed that she had no fear of bumping on men just to gauge how they feel about her as a woman. Women would fear to hit on men because of various reasons but Sharon wanted to know how angelic she is when she is stared upon my men.

She had a brain hemorrhage in 2001 which entirely changed her life. She says about how her entire DNA got changed. She became very straight forward; her body types changed and even her allergies to food.


She further said she became stronger emotionally, her emotional intelligence grew and she became very direct in her way of things.

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