Shashi Tharoor questioned by SIT

Shashi Tharoor has been integrated by Special Investigation team (SIT) with 10-15 questions.

Interrogation session began at 8 PM in Vasant Vihar C-Block police station. Shahi was taken to a disolate building for the questioning. Initially he appeared anxious while during the question answer session he was relaxed while answering the questions. Questions were asked in English and he answered the questions in English too.

Additional DCP P S Kushwah took the interrogation, sitting across the table. During the interrogation Shashi Tharoor was clam and he had direct eye contact with the interrogator.

Some of the major questions that were asked are as follows,

1.      Why Alprax pills found in the hotel room when the pills were not prescribed to her?

2.      Why were she had 15 injuries in her body? Was she hit by him?

3.      Why the police was not called immediately as well as why she was not taken to medical emergency?

4.      Why Shashi Tharoor said Sunanda Pushkar had lupus when she actually did not have Lupus?

5.      How did he know Mehr Tarar ? Did she stay with her in Dubai?

Additional DCP P S Kushwah called up Shashi Tharoor to ask about the convenient time of interrogation as per lawyers Tharoor left his Lodhi Resident at 7 PM. He initially reached Sorojini Nagar police station at 7.15. From there he went for Vasant Vihar C Block police station where the actual questioning took place.

Tharoor was also little emotional during the question and answer round. When he was asked about the injury marks in Sunanda Pushkar’s body , he answered he never had any physical fight with him though he agreed that they had verbal fights.

 By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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