She is responsible to create problems in her own married life

I know an office colleague of mine who got married 4 or 5 years back but her marriage is not yet consummated and I strongly felt that she is the only reason for the same. She must be 28 or 29 now. She is bold and independent and a good performer in her team and department but I don’t know why she prefers to remain in a long distance marriage. I first thought it was due to her job commitment and the later I knew this is not the case. It is very strange that his husband works in a different city and she works in a different city and they have never planned to stay together from last 5 years. 

Her marriage was an arranged marriage and I strongly feel that she wanted to marry a colleague with who she still has a good equation. Her husband is a handsome man and he has a good position in his work place. In last 5 years she might have visited her husband 10 times and her husband might have visited her couple of times. Later I came to know that her husband wanted to marry someone else who he loved while she had a few heartbreaks in the past. This is a very difficult relationship between a man and woman where they don’t like to consummate the marriage but still having a marital status just to show the society and parents that they are married.

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