Sheena Bora murder case

Sheena Bora murder case has come out as a crime novel. It has so many twists and tales and the plot of the story does not seem to be simple. Now Siddharth Das who is the biological father of Sheena Bora and Michail Bora claimed that he was not married to Indrani. Indrani dumped her. Indrani had done her college from Shillong and they came to know each other from a common friend. Siddharth Das would stay at Indrani’s residence and there was no objection from her parents. Indrani’s relationship with him lasted for 1986 to 1989. Their love blossomed; she has sheena and Michail Bora from their relationship. Later she dumped Siddharth Das as he was not well-off.

Indrani ,driver Shyam Rai and ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna were arrested in charge of sheena murder case in last month. Das came in the media with his face covered and told if Indrani murdered sheena then she should be hanged. He said Sheena and Michail were never under his custody. He last spoke to Sheena when she was in class 10th and he never had any word with Michail. As per Das Indrani was highly ambitious from the beginning, she could not have killed her own daughter 25 years ago but if she had done it at this juncture of time then there must be some money angle. Indrani was greedy and greed, in today’s world could make one do anything.

Siddharth Das further said he is married, has a small job and lives a humble job. He came in the media as everyone thought he was absconding and has something to do with the case. His covered his face because if people get to know about him his life would be in great difficulty, he may be sacked from his job. Das’s wife had no knowledge about Das’s past affair and after knowing all this his relationship with his wife and children would not be affected.


How Indrani came in contact with Sanjeev Khanna was another interesting story. Sanjeev Khana’s role in Sheena murder case has not yet got through his self-confession. People who knew about Sanjeev Khanna also knew how Indrani came in his life and how their live-in relationship continued for 6 years before they got married. Sanjeev’s affair with Indrani grew when she started taking care of Sanjeev’s projects; she also helped him coming out of her excessive drinking habit and depression. But Sanjeev was too dumped by Indrani soon she realized that Sanjeev could not fulfil the ambitions of this ambitious lady. By that time she was in her mid-thirties. People close to Sanjeev Khanna said Sanjeev never married again after he got divorced from Indrani. He also longed for his daughter Vidhie who was deprived of her custody. Police suspect of money angle in connection to the Sanjeev-Indrani. He might be lured of money and his daughter Vidhie.

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