Short Celebrities with tall fame

Gone are the days when taller celebrities were worshiped by the masses. Tom Cruise has been known as the sexiest short celebrity in the world. His fame is undiminishing and her ex-wife Nicole Kidman was way taller than him, he carried himself so well that his personality always shined. Even his current wife Katie Holmes is few inches taller than him but when they walk together they look awesome.

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When it comes to Bollywood we know about the Khans who rule the industry, among them Aamir, Salman and Saif even being short they look awesome onscreen and they are the superstars of Bollywood.

Salman Khan was one among the most handsome celebrities in the world. He carried himself so well that his personality always looks overpowering even when he stands opposite a taller female co-star.


Salman always felt comfortable acting opposite taller female co-stars; name it Sushmita Sen, shilpa Shetty or Katrina Kaif. He always carried himselfso well that he is still a star with a towering personality.

Saif Ali Khan looked absolutely comfortable with her taller female co-stars Diana Penty and Deepika Padukone. That movie was a box office success.

Emraan Hashmi is one such star who always carries himself well with his taller female leads and always looks good on screen.


In the yesteryears Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand were absolutely two such super stars who did not mind working with female co-stars much younger as well as taller than them, they have such onscreen charisma that they always looked great with their younger or taller female leads.

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