Sikh Man Brutally Beaten in Birmingham

In recent news about a Sikh men brutally beaten by a group of white men in Birmingham made a worldwide wave of reactions from media, public and countries. A search operation has been initiated by the Birmingham police.

The video went viral within no time where it is clearly shown how he had been brutally beaten by some people at Broad Street, Birmingham. The Sikh man who had been subjected to brutality tries to cover up his face while he was being punched and kicked by some white men.

Police said they are aware of the incident but they wanted evidence and the victim has not yet come to the police to register a case against the culprits.


It is suspected that religious reason was the cause of the brutality. Shame on the people who resort to violence as a mean to outrage the religious sentiments of people from other religion.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Crime| Sub Category : International|Date : March 31,2015

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