Size does matter in dating world

As per a recent survey outcome it is proved that when it comes to dating women prefer taller men, even women like to mate with taller men, hence taller men have no dearth of physical stuff.

Most women may desire to look up to taller men as their sexual or married partner while skinny women having smaller breast size remains as least choice for men for dating.

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This survey is mostly based on answers to survey questions but in actual life people may look for short term satisfaction but going forward they always long for long-term happiness. Hence when it comes to love, a taller woman may prefer a shorter man over a taller man while a skinny woman may look beautiful to a taller man.

Most women outweigh emotional well-being over short-time sexual encounters; women are also more practical about getting married to a financially well-settled man who can look after her.

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Size of men and women may only enhances their beauty and make them perceive as handsome or sexy by others through a macroscopic look but in reality people respect more to the inner human qualities of love, faith and truthfulness which build character.

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