soceity and sexuality

Our sexual behaviours are mostly dependant on the kind of upbringing, parental influence, religious influence. An ability to judge bad and good makes all the diffrence in the choice one makes

 Religion and a religious way of living perhaps make one more conscientious

If this world is sinful its because of human urges to go for the forbidden things which are not good for soul growth. People most of the time go for the what is forbidden by the scriptures of the religions just to derive loose pleasure. Most of the time parents have a greater role to play in guarding their childeren from sins while the places of leraning have perhaps major roles to play. If the influnce of the western culture, obscenity, pornography has a role in degrading the minds of millions : these things indeed create a major threat by projecting women as an object of sense gratification. That's why in this morden world love never lasts, marriages break quickly and people do no have any fear in breaking the rules, cheating is common and sinful deeds are rampant.

How these societal malices can be removed : This is a question for everyone who has some sense of respect to the religion, God, parents, and themselves

 Written and Published By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 03,2011

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