Sofia Hayat becomes Mother Sofia: I will never have sex, get married and have children

 Sofia Hayat has been known for her sensuality and her bold image, what happened all on a sudden that she was drawn to spirituality and declared that she will not marry, have sex and children. Recently it was rumored that she went through a troubled relationship where she was often subject to verbal abuse, the relationship might have ended in a bitter note while she explained how she went through a spiritual transformation as below,

Sofia who was a contestant of Big Boss revealed that the process of spiritual transformation started almost 2 years back, she told about how she was in a verbally abusive relationship and how she even tried to kill herself once.

Now Sofia became and nun and she declared that she has not had sex ever since she transformed and she got a new name, Gaia mother Sofia. Sofia is presently in UK.

She further said, I have not had sex since July 2015 but that does not mean sex is bad, it’s the sacred life-force, don’t throw it away.


Sofia one’s advocated free sex and women’s liberation when asked how she views sex now, she said sex should be sacred, when it’s done without love and respect it does depletes the life force, she also explained that people are tricked into believing that emancipation can be achieved through sexual liberation but they don’t know the real truth.

Sofia whose last movie was Six-X now says people not to watch it because she was too sexy and seductress in it while she wants to show people her true self as a nun.

She also said she will not do movies again and will donate whatever she earned in Six-X to orphanages.

Sofia also revealed that most of the women in entertainment industry undergo cosmetics surgery, it was not their true look, she further said she will never wear makeup.  

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