Something called sex fasting to enliven a boring relationship

Hindu scriptures talked about self-control or abstinence from Kaam (Physical lust). Today we live in a world which has changed a lot in a few decades. People are not satisfied of what they have while they lust for what others have.

In a marital relationship physical pleasure has a role but it should not be forgotten that sex is just a medium to keep the bond of love alive. It has its magic in expanding love between couples, but what about those who use this powerful physical act just to satiate their carnal (bodily) pleasure. Will this powerful energy fulfill its objective of opening the doors of light, love and wisdom if over-used or abused?

Yes in our mundane world we are surrounded by self-created problems. Take an example of a marriage where one or both the couple experience boredom even they engage in regular sex. Taken an example of couples having some form of sexual disorders, think about a scenario where one of mismatched libido due to various reasons. We may also talk about infidelity, swinging or swapping as a result of over-use of sexual energy or underuse of the same even abuse of the energy.

Sexual fasting is nothing but restraining from all sorts of sexual engagements for a certain time period. Don’t we take leaves from our duties when we feel tired of routine? Don’t we fast sometime just to detoxify the body, so why not sexual fasting?

It has been noticed that sexual fasting has given benefits to so many people who practiced it, they felt fresh and their sex life improved as a result, their relationship got on track and they learned a newer way to live life.


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