Spirituality vs sexuality

Anything that defiles the divine quality of human spirit is sinful; if any act and thought of sexuality takes man away from the sacredness of mind, body and spirit then such Sexual desires of man cannot lift his soul to a higher realm of self-growth.

According to the yogic philosophy, the man who has control over his animal instincts, sexual  desire  and  lust  for  money,  power  and  fame  can  only  grow  on  the  path  of spirituality.

This yogic philosophy may not be convincing or agreeable for the modern thinkers, sexologists and even for an ignorant. Sexuality is an expression of the mind; therefore those who express their sexuality through a more controlled moralistic standard are the happy ones.

“Sex” seems to be obscene even as a word in many countries and cultures and it is only labeled as obscene as from centuries the taboo attached to it is still intact. Perhaps all orthodox, moral or religious societies have condemned sex beyond its moral orbit; it’s only due to the cause that any bad sexual conducts in a society may corrupt the matrimonial institutions   which are based on the foundation of love, truthfulness and faith. If marriage is considered as an institution then love is its core and if love is considered as an institution marriage is the only true form of its social manifestation. What corrupts love and nuptial bonding is adultery and sinful desires of lust. Faith can only save love and its different social manifestations.

Love, truthfulness and faith are the important attributes of all kind of true relations. If some portions of our ultra-modern societies are bankrupt morally or spiritually, it’s due to the reason that people are becoming faithless, truth-less and love-less.

Healthy sexuality of a country denotes its material as well as spiritual prosperity. Sexual desires are more of the waves of mind and their gratification either enhances the joy of the mind or degrades its sanctity.

All healthy sexual desires and their fulfillment should be the true purpose of our sexual expression. Our sexuality can only manifest its true purpose when it’s expressed with in the  sacred  institution  of  love,  faith  and  nuptial  bonding  as  they  fulfill  the  spiritual attributes of sexuality.

Sexual relation between a husband and wife is always considered as sacred as every time they unite physically, there will be a merger of their sacred sprits. The lasting commitment between their living souls bonds them more strongly.  This bonding in a faithful relationship between true lovers is always spiritual and it results in true freedom and cosmic consciousness. Physical or emotional contacts only give impetus to their sacred love. If these unions fail to give higher consciousness and true freedom to humans then it is like the absence of true self from the body.  No bonding is possible without faith, truthfulness, and love, likewise enlightenment through the expression of sexuality cannot be possible without its true spiritual nature being manifested, and hence every expression of sexuality should be expressed from our spiritual essence and not from the lust of flesh. There is a fine relationship between sexuality and spirituality when the craving for sensory experiences eventually ends up in a platonic bonding between souls. This bonding is not only between two living beings but in actuality it is a higher bonding or merger between the self and the higher self, mind and the higher mind, sexuality then remains as a mere expression, witness and medium to reach our higher self. It should take us eventually toward  peace  and  not  filth,  toward  an  inward  journey  into  the  soul  and  not  toward wandering in search of lust, toward the purity of self. Purity of self is only possible when are free from sin and guilt as a result of sin. As a result of this purity we reach the higher self, higher mind and the truth that lies in the core of every existence. Eventually we can reach a state of cosmic consciousness where we remain ignorant of our state of being. Self becomes non-self, being becomes non-being and every soul merges with its source.

Every  thought  or  act  of  sex  results  into  an  exchange  of  energies.  Sexuality is often expressed through physical intimacy or emotional bonding but eventually it should results into a spiritual merger of energies.

It  is  believed  that  every  experience  of  orgasm  by  thought  or  act  of  sexuality  is  an experience of meditation. During orgasm the mind reaches to a peak point of void or silence. The silence that an orgasm creates for a flash of second is equal to the tranquility that one experiences during deep meditation.

Our mind seeks pleasure and we seek pleasure out of things and thoughts. It’s been an over-hype that every orgasm is a highly charged-up state of sexual act but by thinking rationally we come to a conclusion that all orgasms are nothing but a release of charged-up energies which create a tranquil state of mind. Every human being seeks this tranquil, enlightened state of mind but most of us try to seek this through a more physical or sexual act or thought while a very few reach this state of mind through a more mystical or metaphysical route.

Like all routes merge at a destination, we get every chance to reach enlightenment through the higher realization of our physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Therefore in a sense both sexuality and spirituality have a common goal. Both bring the mind to a state of meditation. In a sense both brings us into our inner world.

In case of sexuality the experiences of meditation last for seconds while a spiritual mind engaged in deep meditative experiences goes through the depths of subconscious and eventually reach a state of super consciousness.

Physical Intimacy or sexual contacts help the married couples or lovers in surrendering their ego and merging with one another as one at soul level. If this sacred union of sprits takes place through carnal intimacy, sexuality fulfills its true divine purpose.

All physical unions are not spiritual unions unless there is true love and unbound faith between lovers. Love blossoms to its fullest when the true union of souls takes place, and intimacy at physical, emotional and intellectual levels heightens the joy of nuptial bonding and the quality of intimacy at these levels decides if the true bonding between the sprits took place or not.

Therefore sexuality is expressed grossly at three levels: physical, emotional and eventually spiritual in general but in particular when it’s expressed through the soul and reaches the physical  level  through  the  emotional  route,  love  becomes  intense,  fathomless.  Sexual unions become spiritual unions and the relation between the lovers never crumbles.

Without the spiritual bonding any Sexual bonding is purposeless for those who desire to grow spiritually.

We all are aware of our sexuality. For a man of some degree of spiritual or religious upbringing  his  sexuality  is  influenced  by  his  spiritual  essence,  therefore  any  immoral sexual conduct will fill his subconscious with fear, guilt and resentment.

All humans are spiritual to some degree; some develop faster from their sprit while in case of most of the others the spiritual sides remain latent as they focus more over the mundane, material and carnal pleasure.

There is no doubt that carnal desire is a pleasurable act of the mind where the mind becomes the director of every sexual play while the body only acts, therefore if the mind is spiritual, sexuality as an expression will be healthy but if the mind is less sensitive to its spiritual dimension then any sexual conduct will simply become a part of the bodily gratification and therefore as a result of such sexual conducts one achieves nothing except a short-span bodily gratification. For someone of some degree of goodness, any immoral sexual practice will cause a lot of guilt and self-deteriorating experience.

Every manifestation of a sexual desire where sexuality of a person is powerfully supported by his spiritual inner being, the result is some kind of death of the inner being which indeed expands the soul as the self-progresses more powerfully after every trivial death from inside. When some lower feelings or sensations which connect to the subconscious die, there will always be some kind of rebirth, regeneration and spiritual transformation. This phoenix like radical growth and transformation is definitely possible when sexuality is expressed with in the sacred sphere of love in wed-lock or in a platonic love-relation.

Sex is neither profane nor sacred as long as its spiritual sides are not understood and when one truly realizes the purpose of the spiritual dimension of his sexuality, all his sexual expressions will then be transmuted into a flood of higher energies.

Sexuality has its own divine purpose similar to spirituality when one thinks beyond the mysticism of spirituality and the taboo associated with sexuality from ages.

As the mind is more receptive toward the higher, intellectual and rational sides of their mental plain, we can realize why our society has always labeled sex as taboo in broad day light and promotes it in secret.

Sexuality has its roots in our beliefs, attitudes and values and it is not only a mere manifestation of one’s sexual urges, feelings but an expression of powerful human needs which should not defy the moralistic codes of conducts fixed for all of us. When immorality enters into the sphere of sexuality one locks the doors of his spiritual self to open the doors to his lower self.

Sexuality is always found its expression in every culture, society as a vital catalyst for cultural  upliftment,  artistic  development  and  societal  freedom  which  neither  should degrade the virtuous moralistic codes of conduct  nor should imprison humans in the periphery of some of their false beliefs and orthodox moral or religious convictions, it is the wise who realize that sexual liberation should not lead to adultery nor the bondages of one’s moral  convictions should repress their rights to express their sexuality which is neither profane nor immoral and indeed every religion in every society has its clear moralistic, righteous views on sexuality as well as spirituality but somehow no religion forces its followers to conduct according to their codes of conducts but we should be mature enough to draw a dividing line between good and bad ,virtue and sin.

Sexuality and spirituality closely follow one another as the former awakens the later.


Sexual energies of all living things ever present in the earth are expressed through different modes of expression, and the spiritually evolved humans know how to transmute their sexual energies into some higher spiritual energies and in the process they neither suspend the sexual desires which are actually born from the fluctuations of emotions nor allow their animal spirit takes over their minds. There will not be any sexuality in the absence of female energy but then there will not be any meaning of life when a man is deprived of love from a woman or a woman from a man. Is there any scope of new life without the existence of male or female energy? If this is true why then men and women in most occasions behave like two different magnetic poles?

Is it the lack of understanding between men and women that cause a rift in man-woman relation, domestic violence and sexual violence? Is it the lack of male-female love caused distorted sexuality in different societies? If we come across people who voice their concern for homosexual rights then it’s like voices to promote sexual perversion. When one man is labeled as perverted sexually he becomes a sinner for the world. What will you say when half of the world becomes sexually immoral? This is happening all across the world. If adultery is rampant, sexual violence is common and gay right activists are actively protecting or promoting gay culture thinking of their thoughts and deeds as an expression of freedom than this denotes that our understanding about sexuality is limited to the idea that sexuality is nothing more than carnal fulfillment, we are yet to be educated on the matters of sexuality.

The entire world seems to be en-caged in the taboo periphery of perverted sexuality and this is the reason we are neither spiritual nor religious from heart. As a result of it men consider women as images of carnal pleasure and women either consider men as powerful, domineering, superior to them or incompetent to fulfill their wishes or desires. Neither man from heart considers women in general as the personification of purity, divine beauty, love and faith nor can women easily keep faith in men. This has divided the world into two fragments: men-centric and women-centric.

We can blame on the sexual revolution of bygone era which gave sexuality such an expression of freedom that eventually it opened the gate to the hell of bigotry and adultery. The so-called revolution could not promote love, faith and companionship among men and women rather it knowingly and unknowingly promoted sexual violence, hatred, racial prejudice.  Sadly the revolution of the bygone era could not bring the sacred sides of sexuality into existence.

If sexuality is nothing but an expression of happiness then can we be happy with its immoral manifestation? This is question for everyone from us. This question will be reiterated again and again as we are on the journey to the higher consciousness.

Every feeling of sexuality is a feeling of our basic human nature which takes us toward transcendence but this transcendence is momentary. This momentary transcendence is a clue to the higher self, higher energy for the man of moral and for others it’s just a release of the charged-up bodily energy, hence for them transcendence cannot be possible.

This energy is deeply stored in every being and convincingly convertible to different superior energies of stupendous self-growth but please note that transcendence through self-less love and meditation is not momentary.  The kind of transcendence that can possible through love and meditation can stand test of time.

Sexuality merges with spirituality when love after being expressed to its full potential in its platonic sphere steps into its mundane sphere to give justice to its relational as well as procreative roles where two bodies merge with a spiritual purpose to make their hearts unite forever and to respect, love, live and die for one another but sadly in case of recreational sex where emotions are loosely involved, the higher sides of sexuality and its purposes do not manifest.

Sexuality opens the gates to the heaven of higher realization when the male energy (Shiva) merges with the female energy (Shakti) through the deeper bonds of love and unbound affection; two individuals fulfill their heightened carnal urges and lower emotions to lift their souls up to a platonic state where they discover their sacred selves. This is transcendence. Transcendence unites the souls together, for a momentary period of time ego disappears as the sexual self transcends to the spiritual realm.

Through this journey and through the fulfillment of one’s bodily desires he or she may realize that their powerful bodily urges are a medium to reach and explore some more powerful urges of their sprits which are completely different in nature and distinctively powerful than any other feeling or state of mind. The true values and virtues of sexuality and spirituality may perhaps be realized through the realization of their distinct urges. When sexuality with in the horizon of your own beliefs and faith manifests itself through the spiritual force of love, creates lasting impression and unforgettable memories in one’s psyche by giving sexual relations a new, valuable and virtuous meaning which ultimately leads to conjugal bliss in matrimonial relationships.

When sexuality connects bodies, minds and sprits in perfect harmony to enrich life, one finds him in a higher realm of existence, where mutual love, faith and trust go hand in hand, sex becomes spiritual when sexual vibes are projected toward clearing the ego barriers, a greater bonding in conjugal relations take place which provides greater access to pure ecstasy but it loses its meaningful values when sexual relations are formed to fulfill the hidden,selfish,lustful motives through emotional manipulation.

When matters of sexuality comes into talk among people of higher intellect, all the taboos which are being associated with it disappear as the refined thoughts of intellect interpret sex not as a confusion or an illusion of the mind but as experiences which help one to refine his personality or creativity but with the development of a diverse range of communication mediums in the techno-savvy world, matters of sex and sexuality are often interpreted and deliberately presented to the masses in such an improper way that they   influence the juvenile minds to a great degree, many of their false perceptions and interpretations about sex indeed malign their thought system about sexuality to a great extent. This clouded thought pattern is a result of their confused understanding and semi-developed conscience which is vulnerable to the influence of minds of similar nature which are neither fully developed morally nor sensitive to the values of morality and chastity. The spiritual aspect of sexuality can only be realized through the progress of time which helps us incorporate the higher sides of human nature with in us through right wisdom, conscientious thought process, clarity of perception and the ability to interpret the knowledge acquired.

Spiritual feelings have their origination from the mind that is the cause of all other feelings that we feel but these feelings are capable of touching the divine within us and attracting the higher or cosmic consciousness.

We believe that the entire universe is a creation of god and cosmic forces and everyone has come as a small part of the omnipresent cosmic force and people who do not believe that they have a reflection of god in them may never feel the power of the self. These kinds of people grow too fast materially but they are no good to humanity rather a threat to the world.

All powers that can be manifested by matter come to an end but those who believe in power of the self-go many steps forward to experience the cosmic mystery of the universe. When a person’s Sexuality is born from the innocence of his mind one finds the paths toward spirituality, on the contrary when it is born from guilt, resentment or any negative feeling of the mind one may not find the routs to spirituality.

Spiritual  paths  can  be  found  through  sexual  routes  if  the  sexual  feelings  have  their origination from the feelings of love, faith and purity and not from the impurity of mind. With the proper regulation, control, harmonization and balance of body and mind, one can go on to discover the power of his soul.  In general, in a material sphere one’s mind occupies it with the feelings mundane, carnal and material in nature but one who feels there is place for spiritual feelings in his heart finds the light of wisdom.

In a world of spirituality there is a scope for enlightenment as there is peace and love and there is nothing impossible for the body to perform as the soul discovers the unknown, unseen  and  invincible  with  in it  and  beyond  it,  things  which are  not  possible  in  the mundane world are often termed as mystery are just ordinary manifestations in the world spirituality, here one’s heart is in pure harmony with his soul and the soul is in unity with the universal soul. This oneness is the cause of every life in the universe.

One loses his spiritual self with the intrusion of sinful thoughts, fear resentment, envy as they are the enemies of faith and when faith weakens they rise.

When sexual feelings have their origination from sinful thoughts, the beauty and purity of sexuality get maligned.

Here indeed it is necessary to experience sexual urges in order to experience the urges of the sprit, every time one experiences the urge of the mind he at the end of its manifestation goes into the world of the egoless self.

All living beings by the law of nature automatically find in them their sexual dimension, which either they express or repress in accordance to their moral understanding about sexuality  but  all  human  beings  do  not  express  their  sexuality  through  the  carnal experiences alone. It may be expressed in the form of an art, music or even philosophy.

Those who express their sexuality through an artistic, creative medium can only realize the higher realm of sexuality, hence for them sexuality is love in its manifested form while, on the other hand, the lower bodily experiences drive some to experience the deeper and higher realm of the self, but somehow the role of sexuality as a driving force to experience the higher levels of human existence cannot be denied. Nature creates in all living beings carnal feelings and urges but we all experience them differently and these experiences either take us on the path of progress, or they create chaos in the psyche.  Every experience of sexuality when experienced through the driving force of love, we become aware of the deeper self. More we are aware of the spiritual side of sexuality more we become free of lust. Our realizations are the key to our progress and peace. Think about a time when you have no lust of flesh, money, power and fame. If you have ever felt this state of the self you have surely felt your inner God.

When the world will become free of lust, there will be no prostitution, sexual violence, power struggle, crime and chaos as there will be no room for such things in any mind. The result is God, godly wisdom, peace and heaven, it is to be remembered that all these experiences of yourself should one day take us to the path of renunciation.

We should be wise enough to use the powerful energies of sexuality in search of the lasting joys of life. Is not it that we all the time run behind the fleeting moments of pleasure by overlooking the lasting ones?

Blame on our human nature or our frailty which cannot take notice of higher wisdom, calling of the self and eternal happiness under the influence of the fleeting moments of lust. By constructively engaging the mind to its spiritual impulse and metaphysical self we can experience the true power of the self. If we can able to engage the mind to its spiritual side constantly then we can experience the manifestation of higher energies and goals.

When the mind is more receptive to love, it helps one rise up spiritually and when it is more receptive to sexual urges it keeps one immersed in the vicious circle of lusts.

 Here indeed  one  who  knows  how  to  keep  harmony  between  his  body,  mind  and  soul experiences a fulfilling life.

Therefore one should always keep on doing things which can keep his heart and soul clean and mind free from sin. By keeping up the godly side of our human nature we fight against the evil side. Our fight with the evil is about our fight with the fleeting emotions of destruction, violence and sin. Meditate when you feel your mind is manifesting its wandering nature. Bring the mind to a point of peace and you notice as you feel peace from inside you become free from the negative pull of your own mind.

If a negative thought by chance intrudes through the surface of mind by the outer influence and if your mind is so filled up with positive energies, it always happens that the negative force gets withdrawn due to the conflict between the good and bad. If the core is formed of good, then anything bad will be transient by life.

A fish cannot be the master of the sea though it knows the art of sailing, nor a bird is the master of the sky through it knows the art of flying, hence no negative influence can affect the core of the divinely oceanic self.

When our minds are filled with thoughts of beauty, love and God, we give love and respect to each other.  Human  mind  is  capable  of  being  motivated  strongly  by  the  nature  of goodness as well as the filth of evil and when influenced and impressed by bad vibes, it is ought to become corruptible if there is no good present in the soul and when constantly impressed by the divine vibes eventually we become good as we retain the power of the conscience. These good and bad impressions we carry in life indeed from our everyday attitude toward the world.  We all  live  with an array  of  attitudes  formed  by  a  set  of perceptions  and  beliefs.  Our happy or miserable world indeed corresponds to our attitudes. Life is a collective experience of its likes and dislikes. A true mediator of mind only witnesses the endless ripples of thoughts, emotions and experiences in silence without being affected by them. We know which of these ripples to discard and which ones to accept.

Meditation is mindfulness. Mindfulness is only possible when we feel wholesome from inside. By feeling as united with all the dimensions of existence, we feel wholesome and one with the universe. Most of us do not feel this unity as most of us have half-hearted faith in the godly sprit present in them.

When love becomes selfless, god develops in love and an individual who selflessly loves someone never feels pain in love if his love does not mature into a mundane relationship as by that time he becomes completely spiritual and these spiritual feelings create a platonic relationship with his own soul or the entire universe.

Love is an emotion which is always considered as spiritual and the basic nature of love is to give joy to the heart and mind, complete tranquil and divine sensation to the soul and if love as an emotion does not fulfill these needs then it may not be called love.

Most of the men I come across have a very confused view about sexuality and women. Most  of  them  think  women  as  images  or  objects  of  their  sexual  fantasies  but  on  the contrary,  there  are  people who consider  women as images  of  beauty,  love,  goodness, compassion that uplifts the soul to purity and love.

These images may replace one another as on lifts him from lower consciousness to the higher and vice versa.

When one lifts his self higher in consciousness he eventually leaves his animal sprit and finds back his human spirit and as one gradually becomes receptive to love, he turns out to be responsive to the vibes of love and Lord and eventually one lifts him up from his human consciousness to God-consciousness. As one follows the path of love, he follows the path of God and here indeed as one follows the path of detachment; he naturally gets guided on the path of self-realization, higher consciousness and eventually God.

This  book  has  nothing  new  to  tell  about  materialism;  spirituality  and  sexuality  as  it reiterates the same age old thoughts of self-growth that we may be aware of, however, do not always apply in real life.

We all perhaps know how to deal with the matters of body, mind and spirit, and if it’s true then  why we do  not  feel  blissful  all  the time,  we have  to ask  this question again to ourselves in order to find the way to our true spirit.

Every thought of this book is born from the meditation upon the mind and the self. When the meditation was upon the mind thoughts on materialism and sexuality came into existence  and  while  meditating  upon  the  self-thoughts  of  spirituality  and  god  came through the spiritual outlets of the mind.

The more I try to find the truth in the sanctum sanctorum of the holiest religious places, more I fail to find the truth. My everyday failure is a part of my spiritual development. Every living being is a part of the divine, so I feel divine when I delve deeper into myself. Truth is something which cannot be found outside of us as all the necessary elements of truth remain in the sacred heart of a human. Through self-inquiry, contemplation and reflection I move ahead on the path of truth, there I realize that God is inside every human heart.

 Those who explore god from inside finds the ultimate truth of life and those who have not yet thought of exploring the uncharted territory of their heartland are roaming in oblivion, but they still have a chance to see light of their soul.

All great thoughts are born from the higher self; some call it the influence of the higher mind while others say it as cosmic consciousness. It is just a beginning to explore the unexplored  territories  of  the  mind  in  order  to  realize  the  divine  aspects  of  the  self. Everyone should engage in the art of meditation in order to know their true self.

Buddhists say nothing is beyond mind. When everything is present in the orbit of mind, nothing should stop us from manifesting successes. Discipline and culture of mind is the key to unfold every success, let’s unleash the infinite potentials of mind.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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