Sridevi Horoscope

Untimely demise of the yesteryear superstar Sridevi brought shock waves in Bollywood. She succumbed to cardiac arrest. Sridevi is one of a renowned actress whose beauty, performance and charisma always enchanted her audience.

In her horoscope she had Sun and Venus in the Ascendant. Sun is 2nd lord here while Venus is 4th lord and 11th lord. This combination of wealth gave her all the fame, limelight, luxury. Also note here that 2nd house lord Sun is also a maraka house lord. 

Mercury is 3rd and 12th lord and is placed in 2nd house. 5th lord and 10th lord Mars is placed in 4th house gave her an illustrious career as a successful film star.

Look at 8th house, It has ketu in it and 8th lord Saturn is placed in 7th house. Even though Saturn is in it’s own house and the karaka of 8th house of longevity but due to it’s placement in 12th from it’s own house instead of enhancing longevity it reduced her life. Her Saturn major period started in mid of 2016 and during Saturn Subperiod she died. Saturn is aspected by Sun, another maraka. 8th house has low Ashtakavarga too. Rahu in 12th house also not a good sign for longevity. Saturn is retrograde. 

D-1 gave a fair amount of idea why her longevity curtailed to Madhya Ayu. Other divisional chart may give some other indications.



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