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Steve Jobs was referred as a pioneer, a visionary. He was described as the father of Digital revolution, Design perfectionists, Master of Innovation for his constant contribution towards revolutionizing the digital world during 1970’s computer revolution. He was neither an engineer nor a designer by profession but the credit of convenient hand-held devices goes solely to him. Most of us may not know that mouse for computers and Pcs is Steve Jobs invention. Even if he had no direct involvement in the technical side of creating or designing or development of products his ideas indeed influenced in the designing and development of Best-looking Apple devices or products with super convenience in their usage.

Steve was adopted at birth. He belonged to the religion Zen Buddhism. Posthumous some of those who know Steve closely say he was neither a businessman nor an inventor rather he was a soul incarnated to revolutionize the digital world, you may say he was a Zen Master who revolutionized 6 different industries. He is also often compared as the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

No one has thought to carry music in portable devices and Steve had an answer to it. I-POD was created and the entire music industry was revolutionized. He had 43 issued patents to his credit while in 346 US patents he was either a primary inventor or a co-inventor even though he was not a technical guy. His inclination towards technology made me more than an engineer and technology. He was a genius who always simplified the technology-driven consumer products.

Steve was born  in February 24, 1955 San Francisco, California, and USA.

He died in October 5, 2011 (aged 56) in Palo Alto, California, at his residence in presence of his wife, sisters and children.

Steve Jobs and his friend Daniel Kottke visited India to get spiritual enlightenment. Steve’s ideas, way of working, his visionary style, leadership bent seemed inspired by his spiritual inclination.

He co-founded Apple in 1976 by collaborating with another genius Steve Woznaik. Steve Woznaik originally created Apple I computer and Steve.

Steve Jobs founded NEXT Inc. in 1985 after he resigned from Apple. He turned into a success. He had magic with in him; every stone he touched became gold.

Steve Jobs bought Lucas film’s graphics division and formed a company called Pixar in 1986 which made animation films .Under the leadership of Steve Pixar made box office hit animation movies.

I-mac, I-tune, Machintosh computer, I-pod, I-Pad, I-tunes, I-Pad , Apple-II were some of his contributions to the digital world.

Steve married to Laurene Powell on March 18, 1991 before that he had relationship with Chrisann Brennan, his school time girlfriend who is also mother of his first child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Steve was detected with tumor in the pancreas in 2003. Steve Jobs did not take the conventional medications till nine months of having been detected with cancer in the pancreas. He relied too much on alternative herbal or natural treatment for his cancer. Later when nothing worked he had to get surgical removal of the tumor but it was too late for a complete life reversal. In July 2004 he had the surgery done. On April 2009 Jobs underwent Liver Transplant surgery with seemed promising taking into account its success.

On October 5, 2011 he eventually left the world.


Steve Jobs Horoscope 


Steve Jobs Horoscope Analysis through Vedic methods

Steve’s Lagna or ascendant is Leo. Saturn in the 3rd house from Lagna and placed in Libra, its sign of exaltation. Saturn in the 3rd house and exalted signified Steve Job’s interest in communicating and communicating devices. Saturn owns 6th (work) house and 7th house (partnership) which means he would dedicate his life into communicating.

5th house has Rahu and Venus which told about unconventional love affair or disappointment in love. Sun in the 7th house tells about his leadership ability when it comes to drive new ventures or business. Note that Sun is his 1st lord.

Moon in the 8th house gave Steve Jobs an attraction to occult. Remember Steve Jobs stayed 7 months in India in search of spiritual enlightenment along with that when he went back to US he under his Zen master practiced Zen Meditation.

11th house ketu and Jupiter tell about income from conventional knowledge (Jupiter) while secret knowledge (ketu). Jupiter in the 11th house made him prosperous in all his undertakings. From Arudha Lagna Jupiter and ketu are in the 2nd house which signifies there is promise of wealth in his chart. 11th from Arudha Lagna have aspect of Venus (films- In his case animated films, marketing, product design, salesmanship) and Rahu (Machines and export and import) while 12th from Arudha Lagna has Mars and in it’s won house. Expense related to surgery through knife has shown in his chart.

Other Rajyogas and Yogas of Steve Jobs



Why Steve was short-Lived ?

 As per my Observation his Lagna Lord SUN happens to be his Gnati karaka, which signified trouble in the form of disease and also death. Sun in his horoscope is placed in a Maraka house (Death-inflicting) 7th house.  Unfortunately his SUN Dasha or period started from March 2002 and Steve was diagnosed with Cancer in 2003. SUN dasha was there in his life till 2008. After Sun dasha period moon Dasha came in his life. Moon is his 12th lord and is placed in an unfortunate 8th house, even though it was vipareeta Rajyoga it does not promise longevity. During the middle of moon Dasha he died.

As per Rashi Dasha He had aries Dasha from 1998 till 2010. Aries was aspected by the Gnati Karaka Sun. Mars was also there in Aries signifying surgery. Sun also signify surgery. During 2003 he was during Libra Sub period. Libra has 6th lord and 7th lord Saturn exalted while it has the aspect of SUN, the Gnati Karaka. During his death in 2011 he was under the Dasha period of Taurus and Sub period of Aquarius. During Aquarius Sub period and Aquarius sub sub period he died.

During his death he uttered oh wow oh wow. Death is inevitable for everyone. Nothing is permanent.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi




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