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Stock market is a place of gain as well as lose. There are number of cases where people have also committed suicide due to heavy lose in stock market. Everybody knows that money fuels the fire of life. Lose of money means penury and poverty and gain of money means riches and abundance in life.

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Most novice traders and investors get attracted to stock market thinking that they will make a fortune but to be honest this is not so easy; this is not a market where you come and invest money and get return easily. As per a research 90% of retail investors lose in stock market. Stock market dynamics are not so easy.

While there are success stories of people like Vijay Kedia, Rakesh jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Damani who have started with small investment and grew up to become billionaires. Many more such successful people are there.

Now as the article is based on stock market and astrology, I will elaborate more on this. Just note one thing that everybody is not meant for everything. When there are people who constantly making money in stock market, there are also people who are constantly losing in stock market.

How astrology can save your money from loses?

If you are not destined to earn from stock market do not put money in the market as you will end up getting loses only.

At the same time if you are destined to make money from investment in stocks go ahead.

What are the astrological combinations to be successful in stock market?

Either you will be a successful trader, or you will become a successful investor as per planets in your horoscope and lines in your hand.

In Vedic astrology stock market is governed by Rahu, mercury, Jupiter majorly.

If these planets are well placed in your horoscope you may be a successful investor or trader.

Now coming to the role of 5th house. 5th house is all about our past life good deeds- Purva Punya. If a person has high merits from past life, he is sure to shine in this life flow of money in his life will be incessant and there will be overall prosperity too. If 5th house is good in one’s horoscopeluck will always be there in one’s life.

Then comes 9th house, strong 9th house is a boon in one’s life as 9th house is called the house of luck, divine blessing. 5th and 9th house are Trine houses- Houses of Goddess Laxmi and hence prosperity too.

While if these houses are unafflicted and connected to Angular houses or Kendra houses- which are also called Placed of Lord Vishnu then there will always be prosperity in life. 

Now comes the role of 11th house and 2nd house. Both houses are very very important as both signifies money. 2nd house is storehouse of money while 11th house is overall gains in life and fulfillment of desires. Any connection of these houses with Angle and trine houses are very good for money making.

Now comes the role of moon. Strength of moon in horoscope is very important as shows the strength of mind, an unafflicted moon means a mind which has capacity of endurance, perseverance as well as a happy mind. Happy people have high chances of success in life than unhappy people.

This article is just a short analysis, there is more to it.

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