Stocks to watch in 2019

There are few stocks which seem to be promising in 2019. Long term holders say 1-6 months may profit from these stocks.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors showed momentum from 149 and it’s in uptrend. This is 11/04/2019 and this stock is trading at 218 Rs. It may reach 280 but it depends upon the performance of the car units like Jaguar
Tata Motor’s 52 week high is 363.95 and low is 141 Rs. So most likely it may rally to next levels.

Ashok Leyland Ltd

Currently trading at 94.30 Rs. 52 wk high is 167.50 and low is 77.50. It has bounced back from 86 in a week and touched 94.30. It may retrace from here. Long term Target is 150 Rs. It has news about setting up plants abroad due to that the stock appreciated a bit

Action Construction Equipment Ltd

52 wk. high is 204.00 and low is 71.40 Rs.  Market capital 1207 cr. Trading at 102.95 seems to be a good buy. This stock is in uptrend and in 1-6 months it may rise to 140 Rs. Next target is 170 Rs.


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By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : April 11,2019

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