Stratis crypto coin (STRAT crypto currency), heavily manipulated crypto currency

Those who are in crypto trading must be knowing about Stratis coin. A crypto currency which witnessed great high and low. Even the release of breeze wallet and master node could not save stratis from plunging.

Stratis is a great pump and dump coin alike digibyte. It was a much-hyped crypto currency, due to its mega hype it rose from ($0.023) August 2016 post ICO and reached all-time high in the month of June 2017, It was like a massive manipulated pump which took startis to .00465402 ( 30.78 USD) or little above that. Afterwards it went through constant down-trend.

The founders were again able to create a mega-hype through breeze wallet, master node and a revised roadmap which created a little buzz and the price pumped a little bit with the help of crypto whales but it failed dismally after it's master node announcement.

If you have high hope from stratis than you may need to wait long and how long it's very difficult to say. Just remember that stratis is a great pump and dump coin.Most crypto pundits compared stratis with the next Ethereum in process. Ethereum's token ether jumped from $12 to $200 dollar in 6 months and touched a high of $400 and more. Ethereum stabilized with that price range of 300 to 400 dollar and it has become a 2nd most reliable name after bitcoin. Stratis did not live upto the expectation of the investors as there was a sharp rise and a dismal fall and this continued. You can imagine falling from $30 dollar and hanging between 2 to 5 dollar. It has become a trader's coin for pump and dump.

Stratis projects itself as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) enabling companies to get it's private block chain instead of developing on their own. Stratis technology seems to be good but it's very volatile when you see from an investor's point of view. It could not retain a price bench mark. Only it spiked whenever some announcement or new came. Recently Breeze wallet news and masternode news gave stratis a little bit of spike and then it fell when BTC spiked. Stratis price can go up 100% and above in a day and it can come down the same. That's why whales benefit from stratis and not people like you and me who buy when it goes high and wit for months to see the price rising. So be careful when you trade in stratis.

Stratis token is called Strat and they use C# and .net language for their block chain. They are proof of stake ( POS) and the block time of stratis, strat is 60 seconds.

Stratis is based in London as a company.Key people in Stratis enterprise

Chris Trew is the CEO, FOUNDER of Stratis.Contact:


PR & Communications, Krushang Patel: HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS




St©phane Gaudreault : STRATIS SOLUTIONS DEVELOPER.Stratis may rise with the increased usage in blockchian technology but the question is about the success of individual blockchains or enerprise oriented bloack chains.

Enterprise focused crypto currencies have an advantage of doing well as they have a team of good developers, they do good marketing and overall they have a vision.Etherium and XRP are two examples of marketing capital of $1billion

But the risk is about the over-hype of blockchain by these enterprises. Mostly small investors who are not early adaptors suffer when they buy these crypto token during their price spike and hold for some profit and see the price going down and down with occasion spikes.It happened with ripple's XRP token, It most often happen with Stratis's strat crypto coin.

Be careful with stratis ( strat) when you tarde. I am sorry for those who invested as per my suggestion to invest in stratis during it's spike. Please have patinece, we are in the sinking stratis boat. Startis,strat coin is a over-sold crypto currency by it's own developers and their appointed whales. You can imagin from nearly $30 to $2-$3 and sometimes a little more, how much it's market capital was eroded in no time.

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