Success is in your hand


Reward, when you hear about the word you may have different thoughts in your mind ranging from monetary to motivational rewards. For most of us monetary rewards are of paramount importance as these rewards surely make a lot of difference in terms of a financial well-being or status of a person. I think all big corporate houses understand the fact that people reach their self-actualization stage after they achieve their goals of earning more than they expect. Money has always been a driving force for all sort of motivation. A lowly paid employee cannot make much difference to the organization where he or she works as their motivation stands low while a well-paid employee has a different air and energy and even approach towards their job or responsibility.

It is an irony that money is not well distributed across all of us while it is possible that from our efforts and ideas or even from a very little investment we can find newer avenues to be self-sufficient in our financial goals.

Recognition is another motivational factor that puts you in a brighter side of life. Yes when your work is recognized you feel elated and when your hard work is not recognized you feelbad. It’s all human nature. Most of us blame on destiny for what they are and what they are not. But is it true that our life path is already defined even before we take birth. It is said that your life paths are already there for you as you grow up you just move naturally towards your designated paths of life and who decides these paths? God, destiny or some natural forces? Do you believe in such things? You should not strictly as these are some of the thoughts that keep us away from success.

Winning and losing is not pre-decided but we decide if we want to win or lose. Do not bow down before destiny. Fight out and see you will surely win one day. No one is a born winner or a bon looser, and after all winning and losing is a nature or I can say a habit.

For instance a person who wins most of the time has made in his mind that he can win anything and his subconscious mind believes in the same while a person who always loses believes that he may not win anything in life as he made his subconscious mind believe that he is a looser. Success is in your hand, you know how to get it, grab it or snatch it from the jaws of destiny.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : May 29,2014

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