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Sultan is Salman Khan’s toughest challenge so far as he himself told how physically demanding it was as a movie.  It is not having a great story with so many thrilling plots rather Sultan is a larger than life shot for all Salman fans.


Sultan made Salman do hard work at the akharas, he lifted heavy weighing wrestlers, practiced to his fullest potential. The most commendable thing is about Salman who is a 50 year old man was so determined to do such a character which in itself is challenging.


Aarfa (Anushka) is Sultan’s lady love,  Aarfa was not some ordinary girl, she was the topmost lady wrestler in Haryana and his father has a wrestling school in Rewari. When Sultan falls for Aarfa, Aarfa made him realize that a person of strong determination and having great goals on life can win her heart and not someone ordinary.

From there sultan’s Journey started, he joins Aarfa’s father’s wrestling school and practices wrestling as a religion, and from there the lady wrestler’s heart got melted for Sultan ( Salman) who transformed him from an ordinary guy to Haryana’s topmost wrestler who never had defeat from anyone.

Sultan then becomes an Olympic champion, he became famous in the country, fame brings arrogance and he loses Aarfa (Anushka), but the loss of Aarfa was tough for him, he became depressed, gloomy and lonely.

To bring back her lady love for which he became a wrestler he plans to fight with MMA champions, it was a hard decision as MMA is a violent sport. Sultan has no fear of risk, he knows only one thing and that is nothing but bringing Aarfa (Anushka) into her life once again, he wants to impress her.

Randeep Hooda has a special role in Sultan, he becomes Sultan’s coach when opt for MMA fight.



Salman Khan plays Sultan Ali Khan

Anushka Sharma plays Aarfa, Sultan’s lady love

Suzi Khan[3] as Aarfa's Daughter

Randeep Hooda as Sultan's coach

Amit Sadh plays Govind, Sultan's best friend

Will Sultan able to win the MMA champions? Will he be able to win Aarfa (Anushka)’s heart?

Watch Sultan during the eve of EID celebration and make your weekend special.

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