Sun in vedic Astrology


Though Sun is the powerhouse of the galaxy, a super super star which is nearer to the earth than the other starts it is considered as a planet in both vedic and western astrology.

Sun in vedic astrology

Sun in the house 1st and 5th and 11 is extremely good. As per Lalkitab Sun is never debilitating being the superior of all other planets, but Rahu and Ketu eclipses Sun. When associated with Ketu it is not as bad as ketu itself is a spiritual planet and sun a kingly planet when they join it may mean a king who is down to earth and grounded.

Sun with Mars makes a person fiery, filled with strong energy, It denotes a person who has the fire of sun and the prowess of mars in him. If these two planets conjoins in a fiery sign and in a kendra or kona they may give the person rajyoga. It may produce a great leader.

Sun with mercury gives rise Budhadiya yoga, This yoga may make a person super intelligent, he may possesses the gift of gab and he maybe well-endowed with kinowledge,wisdom and his life is guided by the sheer power of his wisdom and knowledge.

Sun with Jupiter complement each other. Jupiter as a karaka of wealth, knowledge when conjoins Sun produces great result, Jupiter should not be debilitated. Jupiter here strengthen the power of sun while the benevolent rays of the Sun exalt the power of Jupiter.

A benefic sun is always a karaka of good in terms of all round prosperity while a melefic Sun is like violent fire that can destroy everything that comes on its way.

A benefic Sun makes a person kingly, benevolent. He may not have any want. He conquers over his enemies. He will be favoured by the king, he will be known for his good conduct and karma. He will be a leader, a statesman. He will never be in any fear. He will have all the blessings of Sun GOD.

When Sun be exalted 3 planets such as moon, mercury and venus confer good result. When ketu be in the 1st house Sun will never give any bad result or be Mars in the 6th house Sun will never give bad result.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Astrology| Date : May 20,2014

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