Sun-Saturn conjunction


Claudius Ptolemy around A.D 150-180 publsihed his astrological observation, The tetrabiblos and astrology might have been recognised as a science

Logn back even the babylonians and the hindu, the arabic have been exposed to the science of astrology, if from thousands of years astrology exsists then there must be millions of people believing it as science

Diving through astrology is just another step to delve into the future events, when we talk about future events we call it predictive astrology

Natal chart or the birth chart of a person tells about his overall dispositions : an outline of his future events to a lesser extent while the progressions both primary and secondary tell about the real picture of what's going on in life

Natal chart tells about more broader things like if you read a chart and find that in the Natal chart Sun is conjunct Saturn in close degrees like in my natal signifies a person who is very reserved,saturnine and critical , saturnnine characters will be prominets and if saturn is the lord of ascendent then the situation is more critical which means it may signifies a person who is much like non-talkative person and talks what is bare necessary

But the positive news is this person becomes very disciplined, organised in some way and the sun-saturn conjunction energy may drag a person to self-questioning,he will always be on a spiritual quest

Written and Published by Dipti Prasad Padhi


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