Sunanda Pushkar’s horoscope Analysis

Sunanda Pushkar's horoscope Analysis

Sunanda Pushkar shot to fame after getting married to Shashi Tharoor, the former union minister during Congress Government. For both of them it was their third marriage. Before getting worldwide fame as the wife of Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Pushkar was a known name in the glamor world or to put it right fashion world. Her company expression, an event management company in Dubai organized several ramp shows or fashion shows especially for product launches featuring well-known Indian fashion designers as well as models. Some of them are none other than the famous Hemant Trivedi, Rhea Pillai, Vikram Phadnis and Aishwarya Rai. She is well-known for her strong networking business skills between sponsors and artists, models and fashion designers.

She later migrated to Canada in 1990's and settled in Toronto. Later she became a partner in an IT firm, Valley Resources through sweat equity. During the Dot-com bubble she became wealthy. That period lasted till 2001 till the collapse of dotcom era. Later she joined Noble house international. In 2004 she again migrated to Dubai and joined a company called Best Homes. Later joined TECOM investment during which she earned big and bought 5 apartments in different posh localities in Dubai. I had not been a smooth sailing for her. She with her second husband,Sujith Menon organized mammootty show together which happened to be an unsuccessful venture causing financial loss. Later her husband died due to an accident in Delhi in March 1997 followed which she went into depression for a long time. She had a fluctuating career and at times she had to go through financial crisis.

Some Major events in her life

She was born on 27th June 1964 to Lt Col Pushkar Nath Dass and Jaya Dass. She graduated from the Government College of women in Srinagar (1986-1988) during which she married to a fellow Kashmiri pandit, Sanjay Raina and soon they got divorced in 1988. She went to Dubai in 1989 and in 1991 she married to Sujith Menon. She gave birth to their son in November 1992. Later Sunny Varkey, a billionaire philanthropist introduced her to Shashi Tharoor in 2009. In 2010 they both married.

Now let's analyze her Vedic birth chart, as per information from she was born on 1 January 1962. I drew the divisional charts as per the above birth chart. As per her natal birth chart or vedic kundli she has Gemini ascendant or Lagna and Libra moon sign. Gemini is an airy sign and its lord mercury is placed in the 7th house from it. Rahu is in the 2nd house of wealth, money occupied through self-effort, speech. Rahu in 2nd house makes one obsessed to create a fortune or wealth. It makes one fortunate in money matters while at times it may indicate fluctuating wealth. Rahu in the 2nd house of family members make one little disconnected with the family members. Sometimes it signifies foreign travel for earning wealth. Rahu in the 2nd house, which is also a maraka house ( death inflicting house) also signifies death due to a known relative or married partner. Rahu in 2nd house of speech makes one bold in their speech. At times may make a person harsh in speech. 2nd house is not only money but also resources earned through self-effort. Knowledge is a resource; health is a strongest treasure, assets and other accumulated wealth. It may also signify remarkable voice, beautiful eyes, teeth, jaw. Placement of rahu in the 2nd house makes one insatiable hunger for accumulated wealth, status, knowledge, assets. Social image or prestige. They love everything rich and exotic. Rahu being a malefic planet may make one manipulative in their speech. Rahu in 2nd house should marry after 32 or 34. Rahu in this house also generates a hunger to be recognized by a known family or someone who is well-established. They may be very proficient in different languages. They may have an obsession to be known as a person of huge accumulated wealth, collector of rare assets, family of status, accumulated knowledge. Rahu in 2nd also signifies trouble due to family members, weapon, and injury to neck, throat, vocal cords, and tongue. Rahu also signified serpent and poison. Foreign jobs, business alliance with the rich and influential people. If afflicted it may signifies speech defect or sometimes stammering.

Ketu is on the 8th house of occult, hidden things, secret liaisons, taxes, insurance, contracts, and sudden and dramatic changes, money through partnership, death, sex and occult, mysterious events, secret money. Ketu in the 8th house when 8th lord is strong makes the native prior knowledge about his/her death. Being a house of rebirth it also tells about the destruction of energy. Ketu in 8th house tells about death while unconscious. 8th house also tells about unconscious state of mind while 12th house is the subconscious mind. 8th house is about surgery and dramatic rise and fall in status, wealth and treasures, secrete knowledge. Ketu and Rahu both connected to foreign events and wealth through foreign sources, foreign partners. Ketu being a headless node of the moon is regarded as a spiritual planet as well as a secretive planet. When connected to 8th house it may indicate that the native has secrets in terms of liaisons, partnerships, mystery around the changes that happen in life.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, religion, good fortune, also a secondary karaka of marriage after Venus, progeny, prosperity, knowledge indeed higher knowledge, books, publishing, teachers, ministers, advisors, education etc. is placed in the randhra ( hidden) house of 8th ( death, taxes, money of the partners or other people,sex,occult,secrets,transformation and transitions, sudden unanticipated changes ). Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, a malefic house but note that Jupiter is with Saturn in its own house as well as in an angular position from Moon giving Nicha Bhanga raja yoga. Debilitation of Jupiter is cancelled here. 8th house Jupiter gives a spouse who has secrete assets, secret knowledge, hidden information, hidden or secret money as well as secret adoration to other religion, people in ministerial or royal position. Connect with people from religious bodies, philanthropy, and educationists as well as advisers to the king or govt or govt bodies. Jupiter is afflicted by the nodes. Saturn is in her 8th house too. Saturn the natural ruler of 8th house is placed in 8th house being the lord of 8th and 9th house. 8th house Saturn should give her a long life. Saturn generally slows the process of death and re-birth when placed in the 8th house, but here in the case it is being afflicted by ketu and rahu. 8th lord in the 8th house should protects the house while Saturn is also the 9th lord (fortune) and placed in 8th house means the fortune destroyed by death (8th house). 8th house is the end of everything especially life.

Sun, mercury, Venus and Mars are clustered in 7th house of other people. Hence the characteristics of 7th house are greatly activated. As a rule planets placed in the 7th house gives their result late in life mostly during midlife. 7th house and Venus denote marriage, partnership both business as well as marital, marital union, sexual activities, business alliance, foreign travel, money of the enemy.

Sun is placed in the house 7 gives a natural social visibility and a strong social alliance. Generally the partner would be ego-centric or person of aristocracy, status, fame. Sun being a hot, fiery and royal planet it may indicate powerful business partners. In marriage the partner may come from a rich or influential family and may be very well known in his/her social circle. From 7th house sun aspects the 1st house of self, personality, ego which makes the native bold, entrepreneurial, self-centered, domineering. Sun in the 7th house may cause divorce in marriage due to ego clashes while partnerships may break due to power struggle. 7th house is the natural karaka of Venus and as per Vedic astrology Venus is an enemy of sun, hence in 7th house Sun’s placement is not a comfortable placement. Venus represents marriage, marital harmony. Hence it may always create some kind of disharmony in marital relationship or in love relationship.

7th house is 10th from 10th hence when it comes to profession native is well suited for management, counseling, advisory, consulting as well as leadership roles. They are born leaders and dominating leaders. They may do well in performing art, creative art, speculation, gambling, and politics as well. Though sun is not considered as a malefic planet its placement in the 7th house does not suggest a happy married life being a heavy planet, if placed with Venus or in the sign of Venus it will surely create problems in married life while with Jupiter its malefic influence gets reduced while with mars in 7th house it is disruptive both for marriage as well as partnership. 7th house is deals, bargains, alliances, negotiations, contracts. People with strong sun in 7th house are natural deal makers, when sun joins mercury in 7th house produces a great negotiator. 7th house Sun seeks personal privacy as well as enough space.

She has Mars in 7th house. Mars is a friend of Venus; hence it is not bad for marriage unless afflicted by Saturn or the nodes of the moon. Mars represents war and 7th house is also a house of war. When Mars is present in the 7th house it may sometimes give dominant partner who can be physical at times. Mars is conquest, competition, fighting spirit, quarrels and aggression in relationship. Mars in 7th house signifies that the first two marriages may not be successful. Mars in the 7th house gives kuja dosha and the strength of mars in 7th house makes the partner of the native very aggressive, competitive. This position is good for business as business certainly needs aggression to meet business challenges. A debilitated mars is makes one docile and very caring towards the partner. Mars along with mercury may give an argumentative spouse. While on the positive side it gives a spouse who is deft in complex business negotiation. Same qualities are also found in the native.

Her mercury is also in the 7th house. 7th house mercury makes one diplomatic, talkative. Native may possess great negotiation skills. With this placement one may excel in business writing, management, trade journal writing. It may make one a skillful attorney or negotiator. When mercury is conjoined its worst enemy mars in the 7th house it may worsen the situation of 7th house. Mercury behaves like the planet it conjoins. 7th house mercury may make one a great communicator especially in business communication as well sexual communication. Mercury in 7th house with 7th lord debilitated and joined with malefic like Saturn, rahu or ketu results in loss of spouse. Her second husband died early within 10 years of marriage while she divorced her first husband in a quicker span of time.

Venus the main signification of marriage, love, relationship with opposite sex and placed in 7th house, its natural house may make a person very visible to the world as a person who loves luxury or a person who lives a luxurious life. 7th house is also contracts, legal agreements, and negotiations. They are undoubtedly very good negotiators. Venus in the 7th house makes one beautiful and admired for her beauty. Venus also represents sensuality and in 7th house it may increase sensuality.

In her chart Venus, sun, mercury and Mars are together in 7th house. Venus is afflicted by Sun and Mars while position of Sun is also not good in 7th house and in fiery sign Sagittarius. Affliction to 7th house caused divorce, separation from married partners. 7th house planets being 10th from 10th house made her independent and career-oriented. That is why she took leadership roles in her career.

She has 5th house moon. Moon represents the mind. 5th house moon makes the native emotional and also increases emotional dependency. 5th house represents creative art, speculation, romance, politics, knowledge, entertainment, glamor, and progeny. Placement of moon in 5th house looks for a partner who is very caring and loving. 5th house moon may give fewer children while this placement of moon may attract early romance in life, the partner may belong to a class, aristocratic background. Moon in 5th house may have a partner who is connected to politics, entertainment, and media. Moon in 5th makes one very good in acting, creativity, performing arts, politics.

Her Arudha Lagna is pisces. Arudha Lagna tells about a what the world perceives of your name,fame, personality. From the Arudha Lagna Rahu is in the 5th house. Planets especially Jupiter, moon or Venus present in 5th from Arudha or asepcts the 5th house may bestow the native with government or political authority. Interestingly 5th house from Arudha lagna is aspected ( Jaimini aspect) by Mars, Sun, Venus and mercury and rahu is in 5th house. 5th house is also recognition and fame and 5th house from Arudha ascendant it tells that people recognize her as a famous personality or connected to people of fame. 5th house is intelligence while planets aspecting 5th house from Arudha tells that the person is intelligent in some specified knowledge.

Mars, Sun, Venus and mercury present in 10th house from Arudha made her very popular through her social alliance, career or profession. Generally people succeed in their career if planets are 10th from Arudha Lagna but the planets should be in dignity.

Jupiter, saturn and ketu are 11th from Arudha Lagna bestow gains. Planets good or bad placed 11th from Arudha Lagna or aspecting the Arudha Lagna indicate earnings from good or objectionable sources. Gains are more if the planets are in strength, in moola trikona or in friendly sign. In inimical sign gain is less. Even niche or debilitated planets can give huge gain.

Her atmakaraka is mercury and it is placed in Sagittarius in Navamsha hence in vargottama. So her Karakamsha is Sagittarius. Karakamsha is having Sun,mercury,mars,venus in itself forms a maharaja yoga and secondly from Karakamsha Saturn,ketu and Jupiter is in 2nd. As per source in 1988 she divorced her first husband. So the marriage might have taken place in 1987-1988. She was running Capricorn dasa

Between 86-98 .CAP 12 Year 1/ 1/86 1/ 1/98. Capricorn contained the malefic Saturn, ketu and a debilitated Jupiter in 8th house of death and separation, Hence her first 2 marriages failed.

During Capricorn dasha scorpio sub-dasha SCO 1/ 1/87 1/ 1/88 she married for the first time. Interestingly Saturn is the dara karaka (giver of marriage, spouse). From scorpio venus the natural karaka of marriage venus is in the 2nd house along with sun,mars and mercury. Marriage must have happened all on a sudden and from scorpio 7th house is Taurus having the jaimini aspect of Saturn ( DK)-Jaimini karaka of marriage along with 7th lord jupiter and ketu. Dara karaka is a planet having the lowest degree in the natal chart or birth chart. So the marriage was possible.

LIB 1/ 1/88 1/ 1/89: They separated in 1988. It was Libra sub dasha during that time. From libra the 8th house of separation or end of relation is Taurus and aspected by the 8th lord Saturn, 7th lord Jupiter and malefic ketu.

She married for the 2nd time during 1991. CAN 1/ 1/91 1/ 1/92. It was Cancer sub-period. From cancer the 7th house contain Saturn (DK), 7TH lord Jupiter as well as ketu.

She gave birth to a son in 1992 Nov. She was running Gemini sub period between 1.1.1992. From Gemini 5th house is Libra. A male child was born. Moon is in the sign of sun and aspected by Saturn, Jupiter and ketu (Jaimini aspect). Malefic influence on 5th house gives less number of children. Jupiter, the natural significator of progeny aspects the house of off-spring protected the house. Interestingly her Putra karaka is with the 5th lord from Gemini in birth chart while in Spatamamsha putra karaka is the 9th house with the 5th lord from Gemini (Dasa Sign lord). 9th house is 5th from 5th, a secondary indication of child birth.

If the lord of the 1st (life) and 8th (longevity) is in the fixed sign or one of the lords is in dual sign and the other in movable sign then short life is indicated. Her ascendant lord mercury is in Sagittarius (dual sign) and 8th lord is in Capricorn (movable sign) well explains her short life.

She married Shashi Tharoor in August 2010. It was during the last phase of virgo period. During virgo dasha and virgo sub-dasha VIR 1/ 4/10 1/ 1/11 she married. From virgo mercury,venus,sun,mars are in 4th house of home and domestic activities while 5th house has Saturn ( dara karaka), Jupiter and ketu. 5th house about political connection and romance while 7th house from virgo is pieces being aspected by all 4 planets including Venus, the natural karaka for marriage while from Capricorn Saturn (DK) has his 3rd aspect ( Parashara aspect ) on pieces.

Her Atma-Karaka is mercury having occupied the highest degrees in her birth chart. Atma Karaka is an indicator of self, appearance, vitality, and persona.

Her Amatya Karaka, the planet having 2nd highest degrees in the birth chart. It indicates the properties of 2nd (effort to accumulate money, knowledge) and 10th house (career, recognition through career or profession). She has SUN as her Amatya Karaka.

Atma Karaka mercury is conjoined with SUN in 7th house giving beautiful raj yoga as well a yoga called (Buddha-Adiya yoga) which greatly improved her career. This yoga makes one powerful, kingly, very intelligent as well as it blesses a person with gift of gab.

Jupiter is Bhatri Karaka having occupied the 3rd highest degrees in her natal chart. Bhatri Karaka indicates both 3rd house of siblings as well as 9th house of father, fatherly figures, Teachers.

Moon having occupied the 4th highest degrees is the Matri karaka in her chart. Matri-karaka indicates mother, land, property, formal education like schooling.

Mars occupies the 5th highest degrees and becomes the Putra Karaka in her birth chart. Putra Karaka indicates progeny, intelligence, creativity, entertainment.

Venus is the Gnati Karaka in her chart. Gnati Karaka indicates enemy, strife, diseases, surgery, rebirth, death, loss as it is a combined indicator of the malefic houses like 6th, 8th and 12th house.

Saturn is the Dara karaka having occupied that lowest degree in her natal chart. Dara Karaka indicates spouse, marriage, partnership.

She died on 17th Jan 2014 mysteriously. As per police it was a murder. During this period she was running Leo period. She is definitely having a bad time during Leo period CAP sub period (1/ 9/13 1/ 5/14). From Capricorn Gnati Karaka venus is in the 12th house of loss. Capricorn itself has Saturn the 8th house lord as well as 7th house lord (maraka). 7th and 2nd house lords are also maraka lords (death causing karakas). Gnati Karaka Venus is afflicted by Mars and Sun and placed in the enemy house Sagittarius. Lagna lord mercury is with Gnati Karaka and is 12th (loss) from the sub dasha period means loss of life through Gnati Karaka. Venus acted here as an worst enemy for her. Venus signifies married partner, business partner. Someone who is a partner also acted as an enemy in her life. Leo Dasa was never good for her because the Gnati karaka was aspecting the 8th house of death from there.

Disclaimer: This birth chart is analyzed only with educational or research purpose in mind. The author does not take any guarantee of its pure accuracy hence will not be liable of any consequences that may arise in the future.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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