Sunny Leone Horoscope Analysis

Considering the birth time as 7.30 PM, Ontario, Canada let us analyze different facets of her personality, career, and married life.

Her ascendant is Libra. People of Libra ascendant are well-mannered, charming, balanced. They possess an attractive personality in general. Librans are detached, romantic, flirtatious as well as great organizers, business leaders as they possess great sense of business. Libra being the sign of Venus it often signifies art, glamour, media, music, films, beauty care industry, porn industry, clothes industry, perfume, artifacts and everything that looks beautiful and glamorous to the eye of the viewers. Governing sign of Libra is Venus, the planet of luxury, romance, and beauty. Venus is also the karaka or signification of artistic abilities, performance art. As Sunny Leone is born under Libra rising she is bestowed with flawless physical beauty, appearance and a beautiful physique too.

Aspects: Her ascendant is aspected by Sun and Mars from the sign Aries which happens to be the 7th house of her Natal Chart. Sun and Mars both are fiery planets and they are placed in Aries which happens to Sun’s exaltation sign while Mar’s own sign. As both Sun and Mars aspect the ascendant being in their dignity her appearance, color, beauty, public fame got beautifully enhanced. As a result she got a hot or fiery persona, her sensuality and sex appeal became famous worldwide. Due to this aspect she came into the public limelight from a very early age. Not only in Porn Industry had she risen to fame recently in Hindi Film Industry. Even the conservative Indian public accepted her as a leading actress in Bollywood. Her recent release “Ragni MMS-2” performed well in the box office.

When 1st house or ascendant speaks about a person, his/her appearance, personality 7th house speaks about how well a public persona she/he is. 7th house is Aries; a cardinal sign with Mars and SUN in it means powerful, well connected partners as well as a destiny-driven public fame. As per Vedic astrology malefic planets in the 7th house may create rift in relationship, marital issues as well as a risk of separation. It is also suggested that people having malefic planets should marry late. But in case of Suuny Leone Mars is her 7th lord and placed in 7th gives immunity to the house, it means protects the house while it sits with the 11th lord SUN. When 7th lord and 11th lord placed in 7th house of business and partnership it may signify she has a wide network of friends, business partners as well as lover. 11th lord (signification of everyday income and gain from profession) is with the 7th Lord Mars (business, partnership) in a business house means her gain in money, friends, projects and business opportunities have increased many fold. She will have an uninterrupted gain through business, networking.

8TH house as per old texts in both Vedic and western astrology signifies an evil house while the modern texts call 8th house as a house of “Transformation”,”mystery”. 8th house is very profound in its characteristics. 8th house tells about sex, hidden things, and underworld activities, taboo, and shared resources, longevity as well as death. 8th house is also investment, insurance. Venus the lord of her 1st house as well as 8th house is placed in the 8th house creates powerful vipareet Raj yoga while it is with 12th and 9th lord mercury. Note that 12th lord in 8th house also forms vipareet Raj yoga.

 Why Sunny entered the adult film industry? From her natal chart we can clearly seethe placement of the strong Venus owning 1st and 8th house is placed in its own house along with friendly planet mercury (communication). Placement of Venus in 8th house gives luck in adult film industry; sex trade etc. along with other career choices like research in the field of sexology, human sexuality as well as medical fields like sexology, gynecology may also have this placement. 8th house as an intense house may also deals with deeper psychological things and profession related to it.

Strongest planets in the horoscope denote profession. In her case Sun and Saturn in the 7th house gave her public fame. 10th house position, planets in it and its lord give an idea about profession. In her chart moon is the lord of 10th house placed with retrograde Jupiter and Saturn in 12th house. Moon signifies the state of mind and when placed in another mystery house of 12th (self-undoing, losses spirituality) with retrograde Jupiter (religious rules). Here moon is afflicted by both retrograde Saturn (breaking social norms and taking up an unusual career choice).

Her Atma karaka is Sun placed in Sagittarius navamsha, hence Sagittarius is her Karakamsha. Her Arudha Lagna is also Sagittarius. From both Arudha Lagna and  Karakamsha moon, Jupiter and Saturn is in 1oth house. This is yoga for fame. 10th house is also related to authority, fame and name through career and profession.

Sunny Leone charges not less than a million dollar for every film she takes part. She has other source of income from advertisements, through her website where she sells her images and videos as well as she sells different products on web.

From Jaimini let’s see how her planets are related to her profession. Any planet looking 11th from Arudha Lagna gives wealth. Here her 11th house from Arudha Lagna has the sign aspect of Venus and Mercury. Hence the gain is from the signification of Venus (beauty products, adult films, sale of sex toys, lingerie, videos and images from her own websites) along with brand endorsements, acting in mainstream Hindi films ( Mercury ). As Venus and Mercury are fairly strong in her chart and both are benefic planets gains will be uninterrupted.

Sunny Leone confessed that she was bi-sexual. In her natal chart Venus (sexuality) conjoins mercury a (eunuch) planet and both the planets are placed in the secret 8th house aspected by ketu further clarifies her sexual preference.

Interestingly her Atma Karaka Sun combines with Amtya karaka (Mars) and are placed 5th from Karakamsha constitutes a strong Raj yoga.

She has Rahu in the 10th house from the Lagna and is placed in Cancer which is a good sign for Rahu helps her gain world-wide recognition through her career choice. She also has 3 planets retrograde Jupiter retrograde Saturn as well as the planet of fame moon in the 12th house of self-undoing, subconscious mind, bed pleasure, meditation, foreign travel, expenditure and losses. Note that 12th house is not necessarily the loss of money. It may also signifies the loss of enemies, loss of fame, loss of diseases, loss of health and loss of energy and other losses.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi


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