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 Sushant Singh Rajput’s committed suicide on 14th June 2020 by hanging himself in his Bandra House.

After his death his fans were angry and agitated and different media houses and twitter trolls and actors came up in media saying how Bollywood is more controlled by nepotism and powerful lobby of specific stars, Different names are taken starting from Karan Johar to Salman Khan and many others.

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Even some people shared Sushant’s dead images and tried to prove that it was not suicide but murder. This case is under investigation by Mumbai Police. Meanwhile Rhea Chakraborty went to Bandra police station for interrogation. Bihar court has also filed a case against her for abetting suicide.

Let police investigate and find truth. I would do his horoscope reading again based on the birth time I found somewhere, this seems accurate and I have done rectification of the birth time too.

As celebrity birth details are difficult to find, we interpret what is available on web or on some forums.

There are 3 different time of birth came up, recent one that I found seems accurate.

As per the rectification of time it should be 16.21.46, 21st Jan 1986 and Place Patna

His Ascendant is Gemini in that last degrees. 5th house has Mars and Ketu. 6th lord and 11th lord mars in 5th house with Ketu in a way gave him a lot of success in Film Industry while it also resulted into enemies due to his popularity and success and enemies lived as his friends. Mars with Ketu in Libra is deadly for life as it indicates violent death.

8th house has Venus sun mercury and Jupiter. Venus and mercury are burnt by sun in close degrees; hence it showed his sunset was sooner alike his sudden fame and popularity, while having a stellium of planets in 8th house which is considered as a maraka house- It was a danger to his life as 8th house itself is a house of death.

7th lord Jupiter in 8th house showed sudden break-ups and constant trouble due to partners mostly emotional ones.

2nd lord moon is in 12th house that means there was no extension of family life, I mean there was no marital bliss or bliss of children in his life.

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