Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide| Numerology analysis

Born on 21st Jan 1986: Birth Number is 1: Birth number 1 is always an auspicious number and it leads a person to great height of success. So, he was a successful TV and then a film actor. Most of his movies were successful and he was also a bankable actor.

His name number is 66 – Which is a compound number and 3 is his Destiny or expression number.

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and 3 is also a number of performing art, cinema and all kind of communication.

This tallied with his horoscope as Jupiter is placed in his 3rd house.

He died on 14-06-2020: Total comes as 6 which is his soul urge and heart desire number 

2020 is a year of Rahu and as per western numerology it’s a year of Pluto, hence it is dangerous for the world.

His personal Year number is 8 which is inimical to his birth number 1 , hence it was deadly for him, In his horoscope to Saturn and moon created Vish yoga in the ascendant itself. That created gloom, depression in his life to such an extent that he took a wrong step.

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