Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide at 34 - An analysis through his palm picture

Really a heartbreaking incident for the entire country due to the untimely demise of the finest actor who was a lead in many successful movies like PK, kai poche, MS Dhoni, Badrinath.

He had relationship with Ankita Lokhande for almost 6 years and after breaking up with her was in relationship with Rhea Chakraborty.

Sushant Singh Rajput had co-stars like Varun Sharma, Disha Patani and Sara Ali Khan, Parineeti Chopra and many others.

I did not get accurate birth time analyze the reason of his short life, he died at 34, due to Alpa Ayu Yoga he died at a very young age.

While from the palm pic it looks clearly that his headlines in both palms are not well developed, there is a big cut in headline, headline is not properly formed. This shows emotionally instable and highly vulnerable to emotional injury. Due to this he committed suicide.

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