Sushant Singh Rajput horoscope

Sushant Singh Rajput

Tuesday, January 21, 1986
2:15:00(TZ: +5.5), DST: None

Patna ,BR,IN

Born in Scorpio ascendant with Saturn in Ascendant. 8th lord and 11th lord mercury in Sagittarius.

3rd house Sun Jupiter and Venus which bestowed him with lot of fame and popularity in performing arts.

 6th house has Rahu and 7th house has exalted moon. 

When the lord of the lagna is placed in 12th house it badly afflicts longevity of a person to a great extent.

Lagna lord mars is badly afflicted by Ketu in 12th house which took a toll on his life

Mars is also the 6th lord and Rahu is placed in 6th house.

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