Sway of love a love song

After writing about 100 song/poem compositions I somehow lost the rhythm of writing poetry, its been a couple of years I honestly never tried to scribe a beautiful poetic thought into my soul but today at around 11 o clock at night I got back the lost poetic rhythm/art, it was like a resurgence of some old spiritual energies from the soul. I always re-iterate that poetry comes to the mind from spiritual pave ways of the soul, poetry comes into existence when the soul feels special, Oh god I felt special tonight.
I would like to name this song as “sway of love ’’
Sway of love
When love happens we get out of misery
Even the strongest from the heart turns weakest from the core
Every thought of love is like a beautiful remedy
I turn into a poet when love strikes my core
Every time I feel the beauty of love I feel as if I have never felt anything before
Nothing is beautiful like love in this creation
As love directs us to god I call it god’s emotion
All ailments disappear as love happens to be a remedy
When love happens something happens in the heart
Coz love as a remedy is an unsolved mystery
And the sanctity of love joins the soul to the heart
Then we feel god within us
And every feeling of love takes us away from all worldly fuss
 composed by Dipti Prasad padhi
copyright@2010 by Dipti prasad padhi

By : | Category : Poetry| Date : November 16,2011

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