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Arushi and Hemraj Murder case in 2008 received wide media coverage. 14 year old Arushi was brutally murdered on 15th May 2008 while the domestic help, 45 year old Hemraj was found dead on the next day of Arushi’s death. One of a high profile case where the UP police failed to find any clue during the initial days of investigation and later labelled the parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar as culprits but before that they suspected that Hemraj the domestic help was responsible for Arushi’s murder till his dead body was identified from the roof of their flat. 

Noida police handled the case at the beginning and they looked the murder as an honor killing by looking at the case as a link-up between Arushi and Hemraj. As per Noida police Rajesh Talwar found Arushi and Hemraj in an objectionable position, he could not control his anger and killed Arushi and Hemraj. Later both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar dragged the body of Hemraj to the rooftop of their flat and dumped at a corner. On the basis of these allegations the noida Police arrested Rajesh Talwar duo. Later Rajesh Talwar requested to hand over the case to CBI.

The first team of CBI investigated the case. They did not find any evidence against Rajesh Talwar. No murder weapon was found from anywhere. Cellphones of Arushi and Hemraj were not found. Later CBI gave clean chit to Rajesh Talwar and he was released from Jail after 3 months. First team of CBI looked at the murder as outside involvement; they suspected three friends of Hemraj came that night and killed Arushi and Hemraj. A sexual angle was linked behind the crime.

Later CBI arrested 4 domestic help who were either employed by Rajesh Talwar or linked to Hemraj. Later they were released as no evidence was found against them.

In 2010 CBI requested to court to close the case as no evidence was found against anyone. But the court decided to start trial against Rajesh and Nupur Talwar based on circumstantial evidence and destruction of evidence. Rajesh Talwar also asked Supreme Court to cancel the trial in 2014. 

This real life story inspired many film makers to make a movie out of it. Before “Talvar” that got released this Friday, a film called “Rahasya” was based on 2008 Arushi Murder case. In Rahasya, an 18 year girl Ayesha Mahajan (Sakshi Sem) was murdered in her own house. Prime suspect becomes her father Sachin Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi) and CBI Chief Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) investigates the case. He finally did not find any evidence against anyone but he came to a conclusion that the girl was murdered by her mother as she was an illegitimate child of her husband and their maid (Ashwini Kalseka).

Talvar starring Irrfan Khan (CBI officer Ashwin Kumar),Konkona Sen Sharma ( Mother of the girl), Neeraj Kabi ( father of the girl ).Sohum Shah ( assistant to Ashwin Kumar ).

Talvar directed by Meghna Gulzar and written by Vishal Bhardwaj tells about their hard work, dedicated research on the subject. It talks about how rivalry between fellow officers as well as media’s over-involvement to cover the case for cheap TRP can alter the case to a great extent.

Tabu plays Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan Khan’s wife). It also talks about how an investigation caused marital disharmony between the couple.

It showed how two investigator Irrfan Khan and his assistant Sohum Shah were sent as the first team of CBI. How they established an entirely different angle to the case and later due to jealously and desire for promotion made one of the official Sohum Shah go against another (Irrfan Khan). 


 Reviewed By Dipti Prasad padhi



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