Tannu weds Manu Review

Tanu weds Manu released this friday has been witnessing success as anticipated from the audience. From the pre-promotional song of this movie it was apparent that this will become a chart buster song and give a strong impression among the audience about is early success.

Combined with grace and style it showcases some of the most interesting moments that definitely make you feel that you have got worth of the money spend on the ticket bought. It boasts fine cinematography as well as vivid story telling, it has a drama which unfolds to reveal the secretes of serious filmmaking. director Anand L Rai has made this movie a humor stuff capable of giving a goodtime for this weekend. Lead stars Madhavan, Kangna Ranaut are wonderfully delivered their roleplay while Jimmy Shergill, Deepak Dobriyal and Eijaz Khan as the supporting actors have done equally well.

Most interesting theme of this movie is about an arranged marriage which has its own challenges. Challenges ? Marriage itself is a challenge, it hardly matters if its love marriage or arranged marriage. In case of love marriages love should suppose to bloom after marriage while love marriages only give direction to love.  Madhavan plays an intelligent, well-behaved, shy NRI who comes to India to tie the nuptial knot with Tanu. This is all pre-planned as tanu ( Kangna Ranaut ) family says yes to the marriage but unlike manu tanu is bold, vivacious, free-willed desi girl who smokes, drinks and lives her way. Initially tanu was reluctant about the arranged marriage and she plays various pranks in order to make manu say no to the marriage but you know love never happens with planning, love happens mysteriously without even making you realize why it happens and how even if you do not intended. This is the mystery of love. As marriages are made in heaven love happens without planning and judgement as if planned by destiny. So expect the same with Tanu and Manu

Written and Reviewed By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Astrology| Date : November 07,2011

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