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MK, Farah Khan's latest offer to the Hindi cinema audience is better known as Sheila ki jawani. It should better be known as sheila Ki Jawani as the movie wanted sell itself with a raunchy song stuffed with katrina's sexy outrageous belly-waist moves throughout the song, except Sheila ki jawani not a single thing in this film is interesting. May be it is too early to say this without a through review and analysis. Critics have their opinions while the taste of audience may be entirely different from a critic's view. TMK is too flashy with great pomp and show like the earlier hits of farah khan Main hoon Na and OM Shanti OM. Her earlier two hits have the super-star shahrukh khan who knows how to give his best as a performer, actor and even he can go to any extent to help her so-called best friend Farah Khan in almost all departments that a typical commercial movie comprises of. Undoubtedly Main Hoon Na got sold like hot cake just because shahrukh khan sold the cake. Main Hoon Na has some unusual, unnecessary scenes and sequences and even it showed some foolish Matrix stylised Desi action scenes where shahrukh bends like keanu reeves to defy bullets shot at him. Who can forget that non-sensical rickshaw chase scene where he almost turns the rickshaw into a zen-powered medium? Our Hindi cine goers even liked those silly sequences and adored the emotional impact that the actor could bring on screen. Farah's films run away from reality as she believes in making films with an over emphasise over a typical filmy film, yes too filmy indeed, you may as audience may feel uneasy to digest the kind of stuff but then you will prefer to swallow it without thinking. Those who believe in too much reason and logic just stay away from Farah Khan movies as her movies are made to roll your mind with its rock-n-roll humor, typical filmy satire and larger than life characters. To maninfest her-kind-of-film Farah rightly got shahrukh on board for her earlier hits. Though Main hoon Na and OM Shanti OM were lashed with wit, will, art and humor Farah never forgot to project strong emotional impact to her earlier films and who can be better than shahrukh to perform emotional role-play. Behind the success of both these films lie the power of their overpowering music and unforgettable songs. Most of the songs from these films have a strong impact on the audience as we know how important the role of songs backed with melodious music for commercial hits.
Unlike Main hoon Na and OM Shanti OM Tees Maar Khan (projected as a fun-filled film ) may disappoint you as it seriously lacks the major fun elements. It is presented to the audience as complete laughter stuff but unfortunately it is under-rated as far as humor, wit and laughter goes. You may not experience schizophrenic laughter or uncontrollable giggles from the weak punches of its dialogues. Some critics argues that this film does not have the same flavuor and taste of farah Khan's brand or trademark films. May be a silly attempt is made here to make a hilarious movie with a taste-alike Annese bazmee laughter stuff.Another unfortunate tale is its inability to unfold the somewhat interesting story into to a comic drama, this film has a sarcastic way to present its plot while too many characters make it more bizarre.


This story revolves around few major characters : Akshay Kumar (Tabriz Khan or Tees Maar Khan) and his crime aids Raghu and Rajiv from MTV roadies , Katrina Kaif (Anya, a struggling bollywood starlet and Akshay Kumar's love intrest), Akshaye Khanna (Aatish Kapoor ,an oscar-aspirant film star) and a number of villagers who rob a train loaded with precious antiques.

Tees Maar Khan gets the greatest con job of his life to loot a train with antiques worth crores. He makes plan to rob the train with the help of a well-designed plot where he includes villagers of dhulia and the actor Akshaye Khanna (Aatish Kapoor ). He sells an idea to all of them that they will be playing parts of his patriotic movie where a train that passes by their village gets looted by them. To win oscar accolade Aatish Kapoor says yes to the film and with the help of their team work the train gets looted successfully but at the end he gets caught up by the police and gets 60 years of imprisonment but with his super con brain he escapes.

The dialogues written by Shirish and Ashmith Kunder are not impressive as they lack in wit and laughter-evoking punches. Except Sheila ki jawani not a single song is worth listening.
This story has taken from the bygone Era where peter sellers had played the conman. Though the film tries to boast its superb cinematography, flashy color and humor it completely fails in its purpose as it lacks substance and a plot with well-connected sequences. Repetitive punchlines and below average screen play makes it more boring. Akshay Kumar is as boisterous as usual but his dialogues are so repetitive and he adds nothing special to the fim, Akshaye Khanna looks desperate to prove himself but miserably fails, Katrian kaif is just a sexy make-up stuff for the audience while all other characters just add insult to injury. Salman makes a brief cameo just to add some energy to the film but Farah Khan's ideas do not make an impact here.
It is surely not a winter holiday package sponsered by Farah Khan rather a box office disaster
Rating **
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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