Telecom spectrum, A. Raja and corruption

Corruption is rampant in India, without any doubt we can say that given a chance any one may be prone to corruption. When it comes to corruption in politics or business we may say here that this is something necessary sometimes but our sometime turns into a practice of every time. We have practiced the habit of corruption as we feel we can get our work done with the tools and tricks of corruption. When someone who has so much power in the ruling party or in the ministry he has all the power to play the game of power and then corruption is just a trick of the trade. In our country we call our bosses and superiors Sir as if we are slaves to our superiors at our work place. If you call someone sir you may get some favor from that person.
We have great fear toward the police, lawyers and goons. We have fear for the police as we know by instinct that the most policemen on the streets are not our true friends while we have fear for every man and woman who holds some good position in the government. We do not oppose the mafia turned politician as we have fear of being harmed. We know that our politics is caste, religion and power centric as we also know that we can not fight with such corrupt political leaders and their supporters. We prefer to watch every political drama on TV and give our remarks to friends but we do not take any event of corruption seriously as we have fear to face the ones who have power.
When it is suspected that telecom minister A. Raju has distributed spectrum not in a transparent manner we may think how this politician came to the lime light as we generally believe that powerful politicians do not come under allegation of corruption backed by CAG reports. Any way in the winter session of parliament Mr A. Raja is expected to appear before the members of parliament for a clarification.
Raja has been accused of fraudulent allocation of 2G spectrum which caused loss of 1.76 trillion rupees. There is huge pressure on UPA and DMK from the opposition to sack Raja immediately.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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