Testosterone in men and women

Men and Women are very different from each other when it comes to feeling sexy. Feeling like having sex in the morning is most common in men while it is least in women. Testosterone, known as sex hormone of the body rises and falls during the continuation of day and night. During the morning mostly between 5 o clock to 7 o clock men have the highest level of sex hormone and experience morning erection at least 3 times in a week while during night men’s level of   Testosterone goes down. Between 9 pm to 10 pm it is the lowest in the body.

As the day progresses the level of Testosterone varies in every 90 minutes. While in women as the day progresses towards night their level of Testosterone increases and reaches its peak between 9PM and 10PM. During the day the level of Testosterone remains in balance or gets lowered by cortisol, the stress hormone of the body in both men and women. Also estrogen and progesterone help in balancing act in keeping the Testosterone level low during the day in women.

A man may have sudden increase in sex hormone when he sees a physically attractive woman while in woman it does not happen upon seeing a hunk. Women feel eroticwhen they are in the middle of their monthly cycle stating from the 13th day. For a woman she may get aroused when she sees a man she fancies or infatuated. Men having higher level of sex hormone are more attractive to women. Testosterone which is also the muscle building hormone rises during physical exercise in both men and women. Hence men and women who regularly do exercise feel higher level of libido and orgasm. As per a recent finding a small duration (20-minitues) cardio exercise boosts the level of Testosterone. A 20 minutes cardio make women more aroused seeing an erotic film.

Attractive women feel more aroused and sexually confident then unattractive women. As per a research a woman feels more aroused seeing her attractive body.

Music has a very soothing effect for men and it dampens their Testosterone level while it works as a booster for women. After listening good music women may feel more aroused and feel like having sex.

Duration of Testosterone level in the body depends upon men’s quantity of sleep. As per research a 5 hours’ sleep boosts a man’s Testosterone level by 15%.


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