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Do you inspire others from your attitude, style, nature, your personality or your beauty ?


I believe someone like Himesh Reshammiya surely impressed the world. His latest movie Expose was said to have recovered the production cost of 15 crore way before the movie hit the theaters. Is not it impressive for songwriter, singer, musician, script writer, instrument player and now  an actor ? A multifaceted man with so many talents weaved within him. He has set up an example for other singers who wish to become actor. Mika singh and Honey singh both have tried their luck to taste success in acting and they miserably fails when it comes to their performance as actors. 


Himesh is a cleaver business man as well, he always goes with a strong strategy. In total he put only 8 cr for the movie and the rest 6 crore for its promotion, marketing. He is fortunate to have no contender or rival movie getting released in the same weekend.


The expose tagline itslef as a mystery thriller based on a murder mystery. A murder and 11 suspects sounds funny. It has a plot that is based on the rivalry of two well known actresses Zara played by Sonali Raut and Chandni by Zoya Afroz.


They have Honey singh who plays as a music director KD in this movie and Ravi Kumar a cop who comes up to solve the murder mystery. Himesh had his fair chance to show up his improvement as an actor and he stretched him to his heart's ability to do so, but acting is something that is not meant for Himesh, No one in this movie has left a strong impression except the look of the movie as if it complements with its 70's feel.


It is purely a movie with no sense and it has its dialogues and punches that made it more hilarous.


Leave your comments about the movie if you have already watched it.

Review By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : May 18,2014

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