The power of positive thinking

As per the law of nature, everything present in the nature is indeed present in us. All the elements of the universe are present in the body and mind in subtle forms. We have been reiterating from centuries that human mind is mysterious. It is mysterious as no scientific revelation gives a clear idea about how much they discovered about the mysteries of mind. No one except the seers and saints can gauge the huge potentials of mind. We agree upon the idea that all the progress and plenty that humanity witness is the manifestations of human minds and the creations around us are reflections of our mind power. More we meditate upon the mind more we get nearer to the realization that the mind is the only driving force which runs our inner and outer world, it’s the charioteer of the body-chariot.
If our mind has so much power then why we all are not able to manifest the powers of mind equally. It’s a very valid question and any answer to this is insufficient to explain this question. From a practical prospective I would say we do not manifest all the powers of mind as we do not have strong faith in the mind power and our subconscious is filled with numerous negative thoughts and from the religious Aryan prospective it’s the karma which manifests, only the purity of thought and karma helps us to manifest the innumerable powers of mind.
There are several thousand ways to witness the glory of the mind. Witnessing the glory of the mind is like finding the way to the heavens in this very earth. Finding the way to the heaven is like finding the almighty god within us. Like all paths radiate toward different destinations but all these destinations follow a single path, that path is the path of enlightenment. Every path has a destination and every destination follows a path. In order to find the right destination, we most of the time go through divergent paths and to find the right path we pass through divergent destinations. Without the knowledge of the right path, we cannot find the right destinations and this knowledge comes from self-inquiry and deeper self-exploration. All paths lead to the destination of god while all destinations follow a single path of enlightenment.  All religions direct us to the path of wisdom and the path of wisdom is the path of freedom and the path of our freedom can only be traversed when we are evolved as self-realized humans.
By being influenced by nature, we go through the fluctuations of mind as nature itself is changeable. All our thoughts of negatives and positives, feelings of spirituality or sexuality, feelings of love or hate are influenced by the changes around us and the changes deep within us. As a result of the fluctuations we witness within us, we are vulnerable to the rise and fall of emotions and thoughts. To prevent the self from injury with such rise and fall of thoughts and emotions, always be a witness, identify and let go.
Our lowers feelings elevate us to the higher realm of wisdom. Meditate! It’s like finding the inner God. A yogi should know the power to discriminate the right and wrong, vice and virtue. As long as we are aware of our thoughts and actions we are on the right path of self-growth.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi
It’s an excerpt from my forthcoming book, “the power of self-help”

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 14,2011

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