TheAdsTeam (TAT) Review: Scam or legit?

TheAdsTeam (TAT) Review: Scam or legit?

With nearly 5000 members during prelaunch, TAT (TheAdsTeam) has earned a quick name in the revshare world. 

Before I review TheAdsTeam, let me introduce the founders of this Revshare,

People behind TheAdsTeam

Najam Ul Hassan (IT head), Muhammad Azam (Leadership head) and Muhammad Imran (marketing head) are the board of directors of TheAdsTeam (TAT).

Revshare business model overview of TheAdsTeam

1. 10$, $25 to $50 ad packs to purchase
2. ROAE (Return on Adpack earning) is 120% Max.
3. Daily earning is 2 to 2.5%
4. 5 level referral commission earning (8%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%)
5. 10 Ads clicks a day to generate revenue of ad packs bought.
6. In every 6 hours Revenue sharing takes place

7. No mandatory repurchase and no membership fee.

Muhammad Azam (Leadership head)

Muhammad Imran 

Najam Ul Hassan (IT head)


It looks like they have a long-term vision with their revenue model for TheAdsTeam. 

The best thing is that they have kept daily earning percentage to 2 to 2.5% and no repurchase rule (projected genuine business intention)
TheAdsTeam has competent leaders with experience in network marketing and they are transparent as well as approachable.
The company has joined hands with big brands as their affiliate, which means they have looked for additional sources of income.
1. Owners are still new in Revenue share business. It seems it is their first revenue share.
2. Cost Adpacks start from $10, they have targeted a niche segment of the revshare industry.


Successful Revshare business thrives with members joining in good numbers. The moment new members stop joining the system automatically collapses.

Most revenue share companies get collapsed with in few months of its operation. Some of the most pronounced revshares that collapsed within few months are URS, TSG (Top share), AdCrump and several others. 

Join a Revshare where you trust the company’s business model as well its owners. When the owners come up with their confidence, transparent policies and more importantly their vision, we look for it as something where we are going to make money. 

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